A New Approach To
High-Ticket WordPress Consulting

Valerie Just Doubled Her Web Design Business!

My revenue has gone way up. My husband who does my taxes is like, “You’re in a whole different tax bracket now.”

I needed to learn these concepts and this was the best way, the fastest way, and the easiest way. It’s one-on-one. I needed someone who could help me with my current clients and my specific needs that I had. I couldn’t just take some boiler-plate content and figure out this stuff. Personalized coaching is really key.

– Valerie

$100,000/Year WordPress Business In Less Than 12 Months

Alex went from $800 projects to $20,000 clients as he built his 6-figure web design business in less than a year!

“Before DoubleStack I never charged more than $1,500 for a project. At that price, I realized I would have to be constantly looking for clients. That means I'd have to constantly be doing what I feared the most, looking for clients. Now with one client I'm going to be over $20,000 and I'm on track to clear over $100,000 in less than a year.” – Alex

From one $800 client to multiple $10,000+ clients – Meet Jeff

I was in total despair and totally overhelmed before we crossed paths and not really knowing how I was going to get from point A to point B. Now I'm definitely on the right trajectory and going the direction I want to be going. 

When I landed my first five-figure client I didn't believe it at first. I was jumping up and down and so excited to go and tell my wife about it.

Adam used to work for an agency, now he is the agency!

Adam was working for an agency and had never “sold a website” before. Then he decided that rather than working for an agency he wanted to own the agency.

So he launched his own agency. And, in just a few months he:

  • landed multiple $15,000 clients
  • built up over $30,000 of recurring revenue
  • hired several employees
  • and has started building his own WordPress products!

Join us for this conversation where we talk about how he made this huge transformation in such a short period of time!

Amy went from $500 to $5,000+ WordPress clients… even in Idaho!

I was super-pressed for time charging $500 per site. Maybe I'd do somebody a favor and do it for $250. I had to squeeze in so many sites per month just to make ends meet. I wasn't really giving anybody my best. I had no residual income at all. Even though I knew how to do a great job, I really couldn't afford to spend that much time on a site.

Now, I'm more confident. The quality of my work has gone way up and my marketing skills have really improved. I know what to ask and what to talk about. It just feels better. I don't feel bad asking for higher prices because they're definitely getting their money's worth. 

Bryan goes from $0 to $24,600 in just 3 weeks!

The “feast and famine” cycle was burning him out. He was trying to sell WordPress maintenance packages but being told, “No.” every time. He tried to find higher paying, better clients, but he just wasn't finding them. He was trying to convince people to work with him because he was “technically better” than those other low-budget alternatives, but lead after lead kept slipping through his hands.

Bryan decided to do something about it and joined DoubleStack. He's only been in the DoubleStack program for 3 weeks and has already landed over $24,000 in new business!

Jim's first client was worth over $40,000!

Meet Jim Kozubal, DoubleStacker and CEO at Candor Multimedia. In this conversation, Jim and I talk about the transformations he has made to his mindset, his skillset, and in his business that have resulted in him to winning a $40,000+ per year contract with his first client. 

What was they key to Jim's success and what is his advice for anyone wanting to get out of the price race to the bottom and start earning the true value of what they are really worth? Let's find out!

Charlie landed over $25,000 of new business in 6 weeks!

It felt like a phenomenal amount of money but the client was like, “Can I just sign something? Let's do it!”

I was begging for business and I'm not doing that anymore.

The ongoing revenue is a big deal. We're going to do the right thing for people and we're going to do good work.

High-paying clients who I'm really helping… that's what's happening.

Meet The DoubleStack Five Figure Family

Being part of an awesome community and celebrating wins together is something that's very important to us and a lot of fun! So, when a DoubleStacker lands a client worth $10,000 or more everybody cheers, they win an awesome trophy, and they join the Five Figure Family. 

This is awesome for three reasons. First because it's easy to slip into thinking that all clients are broke and nobody is willing to invest in a five-figure website. We crush that myth and replace it with a powerful, confident mindset. Second, when you land a client like this it means you're going to be able to serve them at an entirely new level that delivers the results they really need. Third, we celebrate this because you have created a serious consulting business that pays you what you're really worth.

Lee helped me get my VERY first customer. They're worth over $40,000 and offered me a percentage of net profits in addition to my monthly retainer!
Watch Jim's interview

Jim - Candor Multimedia


I can't believe that a $200 WordPress "hotfix" for a completely new client turned in to a $10,000 per year account! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sally - 88 Creative Studio

Just landed another client! That totals $25,000 in just six weeks! So cool! Thank you for this new direction for my business!
Watch Charlie's interview

Charlie - FrontRow Multimedia

I am excited to be the agency instead of supporting someone else's! Just a few months ago I was just doing agency overflow work. Now I've got two employees, multiple 5-figure clients, and we're building our own premium WordPress theme!
Watch Adam's interview

Adam - Muletown Digital

I have landed over $40,000 of new business in the last 6 weeks. The biggest change was how I'm writing and presenting my proposals.

Cliff - EMD


I landed a new $2,400 client after only two weeks working with Lee! Now I'm in the Five Figure Family! The DoubleStack system really works.

Allan - FUEL Web Media

So far I've pitched two clients using the DoubleStack method and I've landed both of them. This week I got a contract for $13,500!
High Five ✋

Brian - Intrepid

Lee's course changed everything for me. Feast and famine was burning me out. Now, my leads are excited to work with me which is mind-blowing compared to how things were going before.
Check out Bryan's interview.

Bryan - Web Design & Digital Marketing Consultant

I now have several clients worth over $10k each. I appreciate all of your work, and it has really turned around my business. I think you're probably the best in the business and have an excellent philosophy on how to operate things.

Jordan - InterActive

The first time I got that $10k+ client, I didn't believe it at first. I was jumping up and down and was so excited to tell my wife about it. All the training and help you provided through DoubleStack has been invaluable to me. I'm really glad we crossed paths. Thanks for everything you're doing, Lee.
Check out Jeff's interview.

Jeff Maughan Consulting

Working with Lee enabled me to replace my full-time income in less than 8 months and now I'm on track to clear over $100,000 this year.

Alex - Mr. Website Designer

I never thought I would get a $10,000 client when all I've been doing is $1,000 projects. Serving is a much better approach than selling.

Caleb Grant - Blanc Ideas

My revenue has gone way up. My husband who does my taxes is like, “You’re in a whole different tax bracket now.”

Watch Valerie's Interview

Valerie Robinson

We're up over $20,000 in under 20 days! We are so grateful for you, Lee! We honestly feel Doublestack is an answer to prayer.

Robyn Hodgdon

I just landed a $66,000 contract with a local bankruptcy attorney firm!

Courtney T

Rise Above The Crowd

How do you go from building $500 WordPress sites to $5,000+ projects while fortifying and stabilizing your business with recurring monthly revenue – and not just for WordPress maintenance? When your clients stop seeing you as a service provider and start seeing you as their path to financial growth you dramatically increase your value.

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Video Workshops For Winning High-Ticket Clients

Should Web Designers Offer Training As Part Of Their Service?

August 4, 2020

A common solution for clients who can't afford a high-ticket solution is to offload the majority of the work onto them by training them on how to build their own website. You set up the core structure, provide hosting, a decent theme, etc. Then show the client how to add/edit… Read more

3 Requirements For High-Ticket Consulting

July 28, 2020

As you may know, I talk 1:1 with web designers who want to find higher-paying clients. DoubleStack is all about helping web designers graduate up from one-off projects and into landing long-term clients. With a portfolio of high-ticket clients who pay you on a monthly basis, you're able to build… Read more

3 Steps To Finding Clients With A Budget

July 21, 2020

Most of the web designers I talk to say that their #1 problem is finding clients. The truth is they can find clients BUT the clients they are finding aren't coming with a budget. In other words, they feel like everybody's looking for very inexpensive work. Here's why this is happening and the three steps you need to take to find clients with a budget.

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5 Bars of Web Design Prison

July 14, 2020

After personally providing one-on-one consulting and mentoring with hundreds of web designers and talking with thousands more in conferences and meetups it has become clear that there are five things that block most web designers from earning the income they need. This is a very big deal because it's literally… Read more

What if the client says no?

July 7, 2020

I'm not asking what you will do if your client says no. If you get a lead and they decline your offer, what are THEY going to do next?

Answering that question will give you insight into how you've positioned your business and the value they see in you.

Why didn't they want to work with you?
Was your price too high so they went with a less expensive alternative?
Were you not able to get them to see the value of your solution?
Was your solution overly technical and confusing?
Did they want to work with you but your price exceeded their budget?

If your client rejects your offer, it's easy to just block out the experience and move on. But, the world doesn't stop when the client says no. It doesn't stop for you and it doesn't stop for them either. So, what happens next?

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Lead Generation For High-Ticket Web Design

June 30, 2020

Have you ever thought about trying to generate leads by offering free services?

For example, have you posted in Facebook groups or cold emailed somebody offering things like:

Free site audits
Free consultations to review your website
Free web site + paid monthly services

To get clarity on why offers like this are generally a bad idea, let's take a look at three things:

Why you made the offer in the first place
What you want to happen
What actually happens

Then we'll take a look at how to create a free offer that works great for generating leads for high-ticket web design.

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Web Design Pricing Calculator

June 16, 2020

This web design pricing calculator is for web designers who want to know how much their work is worth when pricing their projects. It will tell you if the project is a good deal financial deal for both you and your client and if so, will give you a price range for your work taking into account your costs as well as the projected value for your client.

There are three main goals behind this calculator:

Make sure you are covering your costs and making a profit
Make sure your client is seeing a positive return on their investment
Make sure you are thinking about both the initial build as well as your monthly retainer (recurring revenue).

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How Valerie Just Doubled Her Web Design Business

June 16, 2020

Valerie has made some very effective changes that have enabled her to more than double her web design business in about eight months.

When Valerie and I started working together she already had about eight clients on retainer and was working as their technical/web design resource. The problem was, she was under enormous stress because she didn't feel like she was offering her clients the business solutions that they really needed.

She shifted her mindset, started offering some additional online marketing services in addition to her web design, and less than eight months later she has more than doubled her business.

Join me for this awesome and inspirational conversation with Valerie as she shares her insights into how you can double your business really quickly.

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation.

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