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How do you go from building $500 WordPress sites to $5,000+ projects while fortifying and stabilizing your business with recurring monthly revenue – and not just for WordPress maintenance? When your clients stop seeing you as a service provider and start seeing you as their path to financial growth you dramatically increase your value.

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What People Are Saying About DoubleStack


I'm learning so much! This was the best choice I could have made to take this course. I feel so privileged to be working with you.

Amy - SureLeader Websites


I landed a new $2,400 client after only two weeks working with Lee! This system really works!

Allan - FUEL Web Media


I'm really happy with the course and your mentorship/coaching. I know that this has been a big push in the right direction.

Rebeca - Geeky Chick Labs

From Mess…

There are so many themes, plugins, and hosting options and nobody to help you find a set of tools you can trust. Then there's email marketing, SEO, ecommerce, security, and more. How can you sort through all of that and have confidence that everything will work?

When you get a client do you start Googling for WordPress plugins? Do you deliver websites where the WordPress admin dashboard is cluttered with distracting notifications to upgrade to the “premium” version of a bunch of plugins? If something goes wrong, the problem could be any of the dozens of plugins you have installed. Where do you even start to look?

Even when you get opportunities for high paying projects, do you decide not even to try to win them because you don't have what it takes to deliver what they need?

To Success!

To start making money building high-value WordPress projects you need to upgrade yourself from a WordPress implementor to an online business development consultant. To do that, you need to focus on three things:

Your Tools:  You need a professional set of reliable tools that you can trust.

Your Skills: Learn to integrate ecommerce, build a content marketing platform, and convert visitors to customers through email marketing and automation.

Your Mindset: Start thinking of yourself as a resource for your client's financial growth, not an expense to their business. The project that you deliver will more than pay for itself. Better yet, they have YOU to lead them to success.