A New High-Value Approach To WordPress Consulting

5 Steps To $10,000+ Web Design Clients

(…while everyone else keeps fighting for low-budget projects)

Lee Blue

I've been running my web agency since 2002 including spending the last 10 years deep in the WordPress community. Today I'm showing web designers how to shift their pricing and their marketing so they can find and win their ideal clients.

You will discover all of the essential concepts during this new workshop so you can make over 17 years of progress in under an hour.

During This 45-Minute Presentation You Will Discover:

  • The 5-step plan WordPress consultants use to differentiate themselves from low-budget developers, bring leadership and integrity to their projects, and double their rates without constantly hunting for new clients.
  • How to generate leads and win clients even if you're charging $10,000 or more.
  • How to win new clients even if they don't think they need a new website.
  • How to stabilize your business and overcome the “feast or famine” problem by developing long-term client relationships (and not just for WordPress maintenance plans or pre-paid hours).
  • How to meet with clients without overwhelming them and without them feeling like they are getting “sold” to.
  • How to do all of this in a way that actually feels good and genuinely helps people so everybody wins.