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What is DoubleStack all about?

Lee Blue – Founder and Lead Instructor

Lee is the founder and lead instructor for DoubleStack. In 2002, Lee founded reality66, a web development firm in Virginia, and has been launching, marketing, and growing businesses online for over 16 years.

In 2008, he founded Cart66, one of the first WordPress ecommerce platforms and still the only WordPress ecommerce solution that includes a network of secure connected services to solve problems like payment security and recurring billing that go beyond what can be done with a plugin alone.

Lee has spent the last 10 years deeply involved in the WordPress community. He regularly speaks at WordCamps, presented at WooConf, and has worked with hundreds of WordPress developers and freelancers through Cart66. 

Having studied the WordPress community and economy deeply over the last 10 years, he noticed three things that have recently and fundamentally changed the way WordPress developers need to be approaching clients and talking about their services. There is a huge opportunity right now for WordPress developers who are dialed in to these changes and adapt to fill these new needs. 

Lee developed the DoubleStack program to equip WordPress developers with the tools, skills, and the mindset they need to rise above the saturated WordPress marketplace and succeed in today's economy. Our students are trained in delivering profitable business development solutions and they have the advanced technical skills to implement those concepts – both for themselves and for their clients.

The DoubleStack Program

The WordPress economy is fundamentally different today compared to how it was even just a year ago. The three big changes are:

  1. Saturation – There are FAR more WordPress developers willing to work for very low rates
  2. Free, DIY website builders are getting a lot better
  3. (Because of #1 and #2) most businesses already have websites

So, selling a “new website” is more challenging now than ever before. But this is also opening up a huge opportunity to the WordPress developers who are tuned in to these changes and adapt to provide solutions for the new needs in today's oversaturated WordPress marketplace.

This is exactly what we're teaching in the DoubleStack program. You will learn:

  • How to attract the clients you really want to work with and avoid low-paying, never satisfied, nit-picky clients.
  • How to charge what you're really worth without pricing yourself out of the market
  • How to scale and stabilize your business while de-stressing your life with reliable recurring revenue.

Other programs provide videos and eBooks but they lack the personalized support and accountability required to achieve the desired outcome of enabling you to stabilize and scale your business. DoubleStack is a unique, transformative 8-week online program that includes support, accountability, and mindset training through live interaction with our instructors. Simply getting access to information is not enough for you to actually achieve the high-value business you want. Other online courses provide information, DoubleStack delivers transformation.

Upgrade Yourself

It might seem like there's a world of difference between where you are right now as a WordPress developer, struggling to get by and where you want to be as a consultant who commands respectable rates that provide for you and your family. But, with the right tools, a little training, and changing the way you think about yourself, your clients, and your work the jump to a sought-after business consultant will be easier and faster than you think.

If you're ready to start making a real living doing something super rewarding that you'll love, let's schedule an appointment to talk.

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