Author: Lee Blue

How To Offer A WordPress Care Plan That Shows You Really Do Care

Have you tried getting your clients on a monthly care plan for their WordPress site? If so, you're probably finding that it's becoming increasingly difficult to get clients to agree to these plans. You, being skilled and knowledgeable about WordPress know how critical it is to keep plugins and WordPress itself up to date with the latest security patches and updates but it is becoming harder and harder to communicate the value of this to clients. Let's talk about why that is and how you can get clients on high-value monthly retainers by offering a care plan that shows you really do care. Hint: It's not about plugin updates. Read more

Does WordPress Only Attract Cheap Clients?

Here is an exact quote from a comment on one of my Facebook posts about WordPress development and freelancing.

Been in the business 20 years. WordPress has always attracted the low end client. When a client comes to us saying “We want to use WordPress” it's coded language for “We have no money and we know WP is cheap”.

Is this true? Does WordPress only attract cheap clients? Or, is RIGHT NOW the best time ever to be a WordPress freelancer?

WordPress Freelancing 3.0

I've been working with WordPress for over 10 years and I've seen the world of WordPress freelancing go through three different phases. As time moves on, the things that used to be effective and profitable have become either obsolete or wildly unprofitable. The good news is, that the new wave of WordPress freelancing is the most profitable and the most rewarding of all. Do you need to upgrade to WordPress Freelancing 3.0? Read more