Author: Lee Blue

From Amateur To Professional In Three Steps

Close your eyes for a moment and picture in your mind the exact, specific details of the business you want. What type of work are you doing? Who are you working with? How much monthly revenue are you generating? Do you have recurring revenue coming in? What kinds of results are you creating for your clients? What are your clients saying about working with you? How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? How does it feel to tell your parents about your business? Take a moment, close your eyes and get a crystal clear picture of your dream business.

Now, think about the situation you have right now. Do you have a clear path for how you can get from where you are right now to that clear image you just created in your mind?  Are you just accepting any client you can find at whatever price they will agree to? Or, are you ready to put three simple steps in place to bring your dream job you just imagined into reality?


3 Goals For Building A Successful WordPress Business

There are three things you absolutely have to have in place if you want to be a success WordPress consultant. In this session we're going to explore all three components. You will come away understanding:

  • Exactly what it takes to make an impact for your clients
  • How to win clients without overwhelming them or scaring them into working with you
  • How to get your clients to understand what you do without smothering them in technical concepts.

Whether you have been running your business for a long time or if you're just starting out, this session is going to redirect your thinking and give you new insight into how to demonstrate the value you deliver to your clients.

Should You Post Your Prices On Your Website?

Whether or not to post your WordPress and web design prices on your website is one of the most common questions I get asked. I think it's very important to explore the answer in depth because pricing is the most critical aspect of your business. If you get the pricing wrong everything suffers: you, your business, your clients, and your clients' customers. Last week we talked about How To Price WordPress Consulting Successfully. But, should you post your prices on your website?

In this session we're exploring 5 critical questions you need to answer about your business, the type of work you are doing, and the type of clients you want to attract. After this session will know whether or not to list your prices on your website and what impact that will have on your business.

How To Price WordPress Consulting Successfully

The prices you charge determine everything about your business:

  • The types of clients you attract
  • The Feast or Famine cycle
  • The outcomes you can generate for your clients
  • The way you view client relationships
  • Whether or not you can even stay in business

If you've ever wondered what you should be charging, how to set your pricing, or what your work is actually worth, this session is for you! Read more

3 Fundamental Shifts To Get Your Website To Attract High-Value Leads

Have you been wondering if the copy on your website is carrying the right message to attract high-value clients?

After personally reviewing literally hundreds of websites for WordPress consultants and web designers, there are three major mistakes that most people make in their messaging and it's totally wrecking their results. Rather than attracting and winning high-value, long-term clients it is having the exact opposite effect on both sides of the coin. First, it is scaring away the great clients they are looking for. Second, it is attracting the cheap, low-budget work-you-to-death clients they are trying to avoid.

In this session you will discover the three ways to dial-in your site's copy and messaging so that you're talking to the people you are actually trying to attract.

If you want to protect yourself from the low-budget, stressful, waste-of-time projects while attracting the high-value, long-term clients who you can genuinely help… AND you want your website to contribute to this goal, this session is for you!

3 Different Ways To Build A WordPress Business

There are three approaches to WordPress development. All three are legitimate, but they all result in different paths for your business.

We're going to explore each path so you will discover the best approach that will enable you to hit the goals you have for your career and your business.

The surprising thing is that these three approaches are not linear, or sequential. For example, a lot of people think they can start out just implementing WordPress sites – putting themes and plugins together. Then they'll learn to write some code… maybe build a custom plugin. Then they'll start winning high-value jobs once they have more advanced skills. The truth is, it doesn't work like that.

Stop doing what everyone else does and get clarity on how to develop your skills, your mindset, and your business to make your dream job your reality.