Is Your Experience Working For You?

Are you using your experience to drive results for your clients or are you still waiting for them to tell you what to do?

Your experience is one of the most valuable things you have. If you're not using your experience to lead your clients and drive amazing outcomes then you're undervaluing your own work and you're not serving your clients at the level they really need from you. Anybody can build a website. Your clients can even do that for free now if they want to spend a weekend on Wix. But what are they going to do with that website? Are you going to rely on them to come up with the plan for success or are you going to show up as the hero and lead them to victory?

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Overcoming The Fear Of REAL Marketing

If going out and connecting with new clients isn't your idea of how to have a good time, let's get that fixed right now. You don't have to be an outgoing extrovert to be successful at winning new clients. In fact, what I've found, is that the more introverts tend to have more success when it comes to REAL marketing because they often times have more empathy and a better ability to connecting in a meaningful and honest way with people.

You're about to discover:

  • The fundamental problem with cold calls and emails
  • Why most people feel uncomfortable with marketing and how to overcome it
  • A three-word-phrase that will change your entire perspective when it comes to connecting with clients

This is a really powerful session because it will make a dramatic impact on how you view marketing your business. Change your marketing and you'll change your entire business.

I'm really excited for this one!

Big Results Require Big Changes

Are you looking for BIG results? Whether it's in your business or in some other area of your life, there's one secret that tends to be elusive when it comes to getting big results. We're going to clear that up right now.

You don't see big changes form small tweaks. If you want to see a big difference you have to make some big changes.

If you're ready to see your dream transform into the reality of the business you've always wanted, this is for you!

How To Justify The Value Of Your High-Ticket Work

Most of the WordPress developers I talk to want to raise their rates, but you can't just raise your prices without justifying the value of your work. So, what's special about you? What do you have that the other cheaper alternatives don't?

There are four really common answers to this question. I will go over each of them and show you why the common answers are actually very weak replies. Then we'll talk about how to develop a powerful answer that fundamentally sets you apart from the crowd.

This is a great session because this is the key for how you rise above the noise.

7 Ways WordPress Developers Can Raise Their Rates

Mainstream Advice vs. What Actually Works – One of the big reasons WordPress developers are not successful at raising their rates is that the mainstream advice is leading them astray. What makes this especially tricky is that the advice is not wrong it is just incomplete. Consequently, 91% of WordPress freelancers are earning less than $35 per hour for their work.

I'm going to go through 7 ways WordPress consultants can raise their rates. I'll show you the mainstream approach that is not working and then I'll tell you what actually works.

Here's a link to the article discussed in this podcast: WordPress Developer Salaries And How To Raise Yours

How To Be Affordable Without Attracting Cheap Clients

How to avoid cheap clients who make you feel like quitting – that's what we're talking about today. Have you noticed that the clients who pay the least always want you to work the most?

Have you gotten a lead but they didn't have much of a budget? So… maybe you scaled things back, lowered your price, and took the client anyway. Some work is better than no work, right? Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But, have you noticed that those low-budget clients tend to be the hardest clients to work with?

Let's dive in and get some answers to these questions:

  • Why do cheap clients tend to be so hard to work with?
  • How can you be guaranteed to attract better clients?
  • How can you be affordable without attracting cheap clients who make you feel like quitting?

Here's how to be affordable without attracting cheap clients!

Should You Sell WordPress Sites On Subscriptions?

Most people consider selling WordPress sites on subscriptions for two reasons:

  1. The client can't afford the full price of the project up front
  2. The WordPress developer wants to start building recurring revenue

We're diving into those ideas right now to see if this is a good approach that solves these two problems or if maybe there's a better way to structure things that still satisfies these two goals but doesn't involve you putting in all the work and the risk upfront.

This is the opposite of the “mainstream” approach, and I think you'll find it very interesting!

How To Win Clients With Sales Funnels

Whether you are implementing a funnel to win customers for your clients or you're trying to find clients for yourself, here are three things WordPress developers need to know about Sales Funnels.

I'll also tell you the quick story about one of the times I saved a kid from drowning and how that applies to your sales funnels.

It's an action-packed, exciting training session that you're not going to want to miss!

5 Things That Are NOT A Waste Of Time

Do you feel like you're trying really hard but you just can't seem to find the clients you're looking for?

Solving that problem is what today's training session is all about. Here's what we're going to cover:

Today's agenda:

  • 4 ways people waste time looking for leads
  • 6 reasons why they aren't finding clients
  • 5 things to do that are virtually guaranteed to make an impact

We've got a ton of great stuff here, so let's dive in!