How To Write Hot and Sticky Headlines

Whether you're creating a lead magnet for an email opt-in, developing a headline for a landing page, or writing the subject for an email it's hard to know what to write.

Developing a hook that will rise above the noise and stick in someone's mind is really hard. To make the problem even more challenging your headline might feel really strong to you but it doesn't produce the results you want – low click-through rates, low open rates, very few leads, etc.

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The New Way To Get Results On Facebook With Adrienne Richardson

Everyone using Facebook for their business knows that everything is different now.

Ad costs are much higher. Targeting is totally different now – especially because of Apple's iOS privacy updates. Facebook can't even report timely, accurate information on your ad campaigns anymore. So, it is a whole new world out there.

If you're stuck in the old strategies you might not even be able to run ads anymore. But even if you can, you'll go broke on the ads if you can't see what's working.

This is one of my favorite episodes of our podcast so far because not only are you going to get some awesome insider secrets on how to get better results from your Facebook ads – especially after the iOS 14.5 privacy changes – you're also going to get to know an authentic, genuine person who goes above and beyond to help people.

Adrienne has PACKED this 30-minute conversation with incredibly helpful information including access to free training to bring your Facebook Ad account into compliance with the new Apple privacy requirements.

Adrienne is about to tell you how to get your costs down on Facebook so you're paying less for leads.

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Where’s Your Next Client Coming From?

Can you think of someone who you thought was going to be sending you referrals but they aren't?

It is really exciting when you meet someone and it looks like they're going to open up a whole new world of clients for you. Maybe you even do some heavily discounted (or even free) work for them because they are going to be sending you leads. But then they don't. No leads. Nothing.

Doesn't it feel totally unfair? How could they be such jerks? It seemed like you could trust them so you got your hopes up. You were ready to go out of your way to prove that you do great work and that you're a great person to team up with because – unlike those other options they were considering – you actually care about your work and your clients.

It's the kind of thing that can really make you angry. If only they would do what they actually told you they were going to do then everything would be great. But it turns out they were all talk and no action.

Don't they realize how important this is to you? This is your job, your life, your family. You were counting on them and they're not coming through like they said they would.

I know exactly how that feels because I was there once too. Then it hit me in the stomach. It's not their job to get clients for me. That's my job.

It's great to get referrals but relying on strangers you barely even know to sustain your business is nuts.

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What Is Solution First Marketing? (part 3)

Most web designers are stuck with a “Solution Last” approach to working with their clients. So, if that's you, then you're forced to market your services which are the same exact services everybody else is offering. So you blend into the noise sounding exactly like everyone else. Even if you do get a lead it's going to be a low-budget, one-and-done project.

Solution First marketing is a dramatically better approach because by developing your solution first you're able to establish yourself with authority and leadership. This leads to better clients, better results, and much better pricing.

Everything makes perfect sense except one thing. How do you get your first few clients? Now let's talk about, how to solve the problem of social proof when you are just getting started?

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What Is Solution First Marketing? (part 2)

Last week we began our series with Solution First Marketing (part 1) and how most web designers actually use Solution LAST Marketing.

When the solution is the LAST thing you do, you end up having to base all of your marketing around your services. That means you end up blending into the noise sounding exactly like everyone else who offers the same services as you do.

This is how we ended up in the price race to the bottom where everyone expects websites to be both cheap and ineffective.

Now let's look at how Solution First Marketing actually works with examples.

This will enable you to:

  • Attract clients with a larger budget
  • Build your authority through leadership
  • Maximize your earning potential through value pricing

Get this right and you can more than double your revenue!

Here's how it works.

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What Is Solution First Marketing? (part 1)

Do you ever feel like all the referrals you get are for really small projects? Or, maybe they are demanding projects but with small budgets? How do you break away from that and upgrade to clients who are serious enough to have a budget that will allow you to spend the time to actually get them results?

In the next few minutes, I'm going to tell you something that's radically different from what all the other web designers are doing. It's also hard, but it's not complicated. But, if you pull this off successfully you'll be able to land far more than enough clients to get your income up over 6-figures. You can even build an entire agency if you want. The secret is Solution First Marketing.

In this series, you're going to discover what this is, why it's so effective, and how to implement the strategy.

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Discovering The Beauty Of The WordPress Community With Michelle Frechette

Sometimes you just need to be inspired. If that's you, don't miss this!

You could be looking for work, trying to find WordPress help, or looking for a community that will support your mental health and well-being. Michelle contributes deeply to all of that and can help you get plugged in where you need it.

An Awesome And Unexpected Blessing

Michelle has been a blessing to a lot of people. Then the community came together to bless her. So definitely stay to the end and hear the moving story about how the WordPress community came together to help Michelle in an awesome and totally unexpected way.

Getting The Support You Need

Michelle is about to share a half-dozen resources with you.

Whether you're looking for jobs, friends, or just to get plugged into the amazing WordPress community Michelle is all about getting you connected for success!

(She's literally the head of customer success at

Ways To Connect With Michelle

Michelle is involved in so many things and they all have something to do with helping people. Follow Michelle and her work in the following places:

The Future of WordPress Page Builders In 2021 – With Patrick McCoy

Today, we've got Patrick McCoy and we're talking about WordPress page builders and all kinds of stuff surrounding that topic like the impact page builders have on core web vitals. Patrick has an awesome YouTube channel where he does WordPress theme reviews and shares his insight into where he believes WordPress is headed in the future.

What I really appreciate about Patrick is that he's not just repeating what everybody else has already said. He loads up live environments and runs his own tests. That means Patrick is gathering new data that other people don't have which results in him having insights that other people haven't yet discovered. 

We get started talking about how Gutenberg is really speedy, but you can build websites faster with page builders. So how do you balance all of that to get the best results for you and your clients?

We also talk about…

Optimizing Your Workflow
Which page builder should you choose if you are trying to bring consistency to your workflow?

WordPress Tools For End Users vs Developers
Has Gutenberg divided the WordPress community into two different communities – end users versus developers?

The Future of Plugin Development
How are page builders and Gutenberg impacting the future of plugin development – especially around user interface design decisions?

The Built By Service
WordPress (themselves) will build custom sites starting at $4,900 with their Built By service. How has that impacted the WordPress developer community?

What's The Future For Page Builders?
The WordPress community has not landed on how they want to build websites which is why there are so many theme and page builder options. What's missing and where are we headed?

Can Solo WordPress Developers Still Compete?
Can small teams (or solo developers) still make it or is everything moving towards large WordPress businesses like iThemes (over 20 employees), Elegant Themes (over 80 employees), and Elementor (over 125 employees)?


Winning Social Media Without Wasting Time – With Heather Cox

This 45-minute session with social media genius Heather Cox will pack your brain with social media marketing strategies for yourself and your clients.

Heather has been managing social media for 14 years and is about to drop a ton of amazing tips on you. For example, did you know it takes 21 Tweets per day to get optimized on Twitter?

Join me as Heather leads us through an awesome, deep dive into how to get awesome results on social media – both for yourself and for your clients.

Here are some of the questions we cover:

  • What should you say on social media?
  • What is Social Media Optimization and how do you do it?
  • How do you optimize your Call To Action for different social media platforms?
  • How does email fit into your social media strategy?
  • How do you get followers without just following a million people and hoping they follow you back?
  • How do you do social media management for busy clients who don't create content?
  • How do you harvest social media content from overlooked resources your client already has?
  • What is the most profitable way to charge for social media management?

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