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Lead Generation For High-Ticket Web Design

Have you ever thought about trying to generate leads by offering free services?

For example, have you posted in Facebook groups or cold emailed somebody offering things like:

  • Free site audits
  • Free consultations to review your website
  • Free web site + paid monthly services

To get clarity on why offers like this are generally a bad idea, let's take a look at three things:

  1. Why you made the offer in the first place
  2. What you want to happen
  3. What actually happens

Then we'll take a look at how to create a free offer that works great for generating leads for high-ticket web design.

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Web Design Pricing Calculator

This web design pricing calculator is for web designers who want to know how much their work is worth when pricing their projects. It will tell you if the project is a good deal financial deal for both you and your client and if so, will give you a price range for your work taking into account your costs as well as the projected value for your client.

There are three main goals behind this calculator:

  1. Make sure you are covering your costs and making a profit
  2. Make sure your client is seeing a positive return on their investment
  3. Make sure you are thinking about both the initial build as well as your monthly retainer (recurring revenue).

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How Valerie Just Doubled Her Web Design Business

Valerie has made some very effective changes that have enabled her to more than double her web design business in about eight months.

When Valerie and I started working together she already had about eight clients on retainer and was working as their technical/web design resource. The problem was, she was under enormous stress because she didn't feel like she was offering her clients the business solutions that they really needed.

She shifted her mindset, started offering some additional online marketing services in addition to her web design, and less than eight months later she has more than doubled her business.

Join me for this awesome and inspirational conversation with Valerie as she shares her insights into how you can double your business really quickly.

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation.

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Raising Your Prices

Last week we talked about the Top 5 Pricing Models For High-Ticket Web Design. That opened up a great set of conversations about everything from feeling like a jack of all trades to value pricing. What was most interesting to me, however, was that the most common response to thinking about raising your prices was fear.

The primary reason web designers don't charge more is because it's too scary. So, let's take a look at the top 5 fears and how to overcome them.

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5 Best Pricing Models For Web Design

There has been a lot of creativity lately with how web design consultants charge for their work. Let's look at the top five different pricing strategies that are popular right now and get some clarity on the pros and cons of each so you can figure out what works best for you. Stay to the end though because there's a fundamental mindset component that a lot of people aren't tapping into which makes all the difference – especially if you're charging high-ticket ($5,000 – $15,000+) prices.

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The Fastest Way Build A Web Design Business That Actually Makes Money

Most web designers who try to start their own business burn out and fail because they start with a foundation that will not generate the income they need fast enough. There are five fundamental mistakes I see all the time from web designers who take the “mainstream” approach to building their business.

Discover the fastest way to build your own web design business by avoiding this common, well-intentioned, but misleading advice.

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Landing $30k Worth Of Projects During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Over the last few weeks, I've been busier than BECAUSE of the Coronavirus lockdown. Let's talk about how you can find clients right now even though nobody is looking for a new website.

During this session, you'll discover the ironic secret to landing web design clients right now. I'll tell you the two different types of businesses that are begging for help. Then I'll show you a new way to apply your skills to win clients in today's new economy. It's going to be awesome! Let's get started…
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Winning Clients During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Now, more so than ever before, it is your chance to legitimately save the world. You can take this as a great opportunity or you might find this to be hard-hitting. Either way, the truth is that if you want to make an impact with your skills and build a business that genuinely helps people you're not going to get there by offering them web design services and online marketing skills. You have to take it up a level and tell people HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM, not just what things you can do for them.

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