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3 Secrets To Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Dream Job

It's almost impossible to stumble into success in the WordPress/web design world today. There is too much competition. Businesses are tired of hearing the same old, “Do you want a new website?” pitches. It is no longer enough to just have good technical skills. There are three secrets to developing a high-value, stable, reliable web design business in today's economy.

First, you have to change the way you talk about yourself and your business.  There are so many different ways to get a pretty decent, very low-cost website. Most businesses already have websites too. So you have to change the way you describe what you do and market your business in order to stand out from the pack.

Second, you need to rise above the noise and stop using the same worn-out sales tactics that everyone else is using. It is no longer enough to passively wait for clients to show up at your door. Relying on word of mouth referrals, hanging out on job boards, and hoping someone finds your website are not reliable enough to power your full-time business. This is one of the major dividing lines between people who are struggling to get buy compared to people who have a seriously successful business. You have to change the way you generate leads and win new clients. You can't always be on defense reacting to everything all the time. You have to get on offense and start making things happen.

Third, you have to be mindful of your business structure. If you want a stable stream of income you have to get away from the one-and-done projects. You also have to take a serious look at your pricing because if you're not charging enough you lose before you even begin by not giving yourself the resources you need in order to do your best work. But, if you simply raise your prices without addressing the previous two points about your marketing and lead generation then you never win clients because you have priced yourself out of the market.

In this session, we are diving deep into the details of all three of these critical shifts so you can quickly turn your side hustle into your dream job. Once you make these shifts you will be shocked at how quickly things pick up for you. I have seen people go from literally no income to making over $50,000 of new business in less than 8 weeks.

3 Things 6-Figure Consultants Do That Set Them Apart From Everyone Else

There are three things that high-ticket WordPress consultants do that differentiate them from all the low-budget developers. We're going to dive into all three of them right now.

This workshop is for you if…

  • All your leads are coming from word of mouth referrals and that's causing a bunch of volatility in your revenue
  • You feel like nobody has the budget to afford the rates you should be charging
  • You're feeling burnt out and overworked and wondering what to do next
  • You are wonder where to find clients who can afford your services
  • You want to know how to set yourself apart from the all of the low-budget developers

There is a lot that goes into running a successful business. We're not going to be talking about everything it takes to build a solid business. But if you are missing any of these three things it's going to be very hard – if not impossible – to break away from the pack and win the clients you actually want to be working with.

These are the three ESSENTIAL components you need to run a high-value WordPress business so you don't have to wear yourself out fighting for cheap projects as just another face in the crowd.

Why Selling Sucks And 5 Steps To Genuinely Fix It

If your marketing is ineffective then you won't be generating leads and winning new clients. That means you're not in control of your cash-flow. If you're not in control of your cash-flow you don't actually have a business.

Being in business for yourself means generating business for yourself. That means winning new clients and getting them to pay you for things. The problem is most people are uncomfortable selling and almost everyone hates being sold to. So, therein lies the problem. If you hate selling and your clients hate being sold to, what are you supposed to do?

Why This Is A New-ish Problem

The problem with selling is a fairly new thing because historically everything was very closed down. There was very little transparency. It was very hard to know if the offer being presented to you was genuinely a good offer. People tended to have a different and more curious mindset when they went into the marketplace. This is true both with the vendors and the customers. Vendors could believe in their products even if there were better products available because they didn't know about the better alternatives. Customers would happily accept the offers as being in their best interest because they didn't have access to any better alternatives. So, to some degree, everyone was blissfully entering into these exchanges feeling pretty good about things overall. Vendors were saying this is the best thing I know about to offer you. Customers were thinking this is the best thing available to me.

From Curious To Suspicious

As the marketplace started opening up – especially now with the internet – a lot of times vendors are fully aware that what they are offering is not the best. Customers have shifted from curious to suspicious.

This is so much the case that people in “sales” have all kinds of tactics and tricks to get people “close the deal.” The process has become a battle. The humanity has left the building. It has become very one-sided – on both sides. Customers want the cheapest prices because they are just looking out for their own best interest even if they don't know what's best for them. Vendors just want to “close the deal” even if what they are selling is not the right fit for the customer. Everybody gets beat up and everybody loses when the situation devolves into this type of situation.

The 5 Step Solution To Genuinely Fix The Problem Of Selling

In today's presentation, we take a deep dive into the 5-step process to genuinely fix the problem of “selling.” If you feel like sales is super uncomfortable but you have to do it anyway, then this is the session for you because you're going to get a clear 5-step plan that will genuinely transform the way you think about reaching out to clients. That will change you're mindset and the energy you bring to your client meetings. That will change the way people respond to you and the success you have winning new high-value, long-term clients.

I'm really excited about this one and I think you will be too!

The Secret To Making 10X More Than The Average WordPress Developer

Where Are You Going To Be In Five Years?

What word or phrase would YOUR CLIENTS use to describe what you do for them? Would they call you some type of technical implementer? Or, do they think of you as a revenue-generating partner helping them build their business?

The answer to THAT QUESTION has everything to do with where you're going to be in five years. Even just a few years ago – before Wix and Squarespace – it was technically much more difficult to create a well designed, responsive website. A lot of people founded their web design businesses on being the resource for getting their clients online. Today, clients can get themselves online. Not only that but they can do it on a platform that doesn't require plugin updates, backups, or maintenance plans. How does your business stand up in the face of these changes? What are you doing to differentiate yourself? How are you going to attract clients willing to pay 10X more than what everyone else is charging?

If you're running your business as someone who “builds websites” and you're trying to generate recurring revenue by getting your clients to pay for WordPress maintenance plans, over the next few years you're going to find your clients opting to go with a platform where they can build their own websites and where maintenance plans aren't necessary. How are you planning to compete with that?

Let's talk about how to keep your business relevant in today's changing economy because there are two things that are true at the same time.

How Do You Know If Your Business Is Going To Be Successful?

Over the weekend I found myself on an island three miles offshore as a wind storm was rolling in. There were white caps on the water. The sky went dark. I was alone on a kayak.

As I was making my way back to land I got to thinking about our conversation last week and what it really takes to build a successful business. Here's what my kayak adventure taught me about how to know if your business is going to be successful. Do you have what it takes when it really counts?

During this workshop, you're going to get three practical ways to know if your business is going to be successful or if you're going to need to make some adjustments.

Whether you're just starting out or if you've been at it for years, this session is going to give you a new level of clarity on how to know if you are heading in the right direction in today's new web design economy.

3 Pillars To Raise Up Your 6-Figure WordPress Business

What is the difference between dabbling as a freelancer and running a serious 6-figure business?

In other words, what do you need to do to differentiate yourself from the low-budget competition so you can attract and win clients who pay you the rates you need so that you can build an amazing business? On top of that, what do you need to do to make sure you're delivering results for your clients?

In this workshop, we're going over the three pillars that absolutely must be in place to support a serious, 6-figure web design business.

The first thing we're going to do is dive deep into exactly what each of the three pillars are so that you have the structure in place to rise up out of the crowd of people fighting for cheap projects into the role of a high-value business consultant. Then I'm going to ask you very specific questions so you can pinpoint exactly which of these three areas might be holding you back.

After this session, you're going to come away with a new level of clarity for exactly what you need to do to crush the second half of this year. You definitely want to join in for this one and you'll be thanking yourself when Christmas rolls around this year.

5 Huge Lies About WordPress That Can Wreck Your Business

There are a bunch of myths floating around about WordPress and web design. If these myths are believed, it will stifle people's businesses – or, even worse, it forces people to lose their jobs altogether. Like all effective myths, each one is packaged with a handful of truth. Today we're busting these myths and shining some light on what's really going on.

For example, most people believe that more experience should result in higher pay, but it doesn't work that way. I talk to people all the time who have to REDUCE their rates even though their skills have improved. Why is that? Is it fair? How can you avoid having to reduce your prices? What do you really need to do to justify your high-ticket rates?

This is a conversation that can literally save you thousands of dollars and a great deal of heartache.

After today's workshop you're going to have new insight and clarity on the reality of what's going on right now in the WordPress and web design world and how you can adapt to build an awesome business that truly serves your clients… and what a relief and joy it will be for your clients to find someone like you!

5 Ways Wix Is Fantastic For WordPress Developers!

What do you say when someone says they don't need you because they already have a Wix website?

Why is working with you different and better than?

Are you relying on your personalized customer service to save the day?

I talk to a lot of web designers who feel like Wix is gobbling up their business but the truth is Wix is the best thing that ever happened for WordPress consultants because it clearly demonstrates that a nice looking, responsive, low-cost website is worth about what they paid for it… basically nothing.

Let's take a clear look at five specific ways that Wix is helping WordPress consultants rather than feeling like it's eating your lunch.

Get Leads Rolling In With These Three Changes To Your Website

Are you getting leads from your website? Do you feel like you can knock the ball out of the park for your clients, but when it comes to writing copy for your own website it's so much harder?

I have reviewed almost 1,000 web designer/web agency websites and have discovered three incredibly common and deal-breaking problems with the content and structure of how they present their businesses online. The root of this problem goes back to when software development and web development were almost the same things. So, agencies would treat the clients in very similar ways. Today, web design has taken a very different path but most WordPress consultants and web design agencies are still stuck in the old marketing mindset from five years ago.

In this session, you're going to discover three powerful and unusual changes you can make to your website. Once you make them you will notice:

  • A major increase in the quantity of leads you generate
  • An upward shift in the quality of the clients you attract
  • Your clients' mindset will change concerning how much they are willing to invest
  • Your clients will start seeing you in the role of a leader rather than an implementor

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Attracting The Right Clients

Do you find that if you can just get a client to sit down at a meeting with you they almost always say yes? If you can just get them to talk to you, then things almost always go really well. So why doesn't that happen more often? What can you do to start attracting more of the right clients at the right price?

In this session, you will discover the top three reasons why most web designers and digital marketing agencies are not attracting and winning the clients they want to be working with.

This session is for you if:

  • You are having trouble finding clients
  • You are attracting the wrong clients
  • You are having trouble getting clients to accept your high-ticket prices

Discover the three reasons most web designers aren't attracting the right clients at the right price.