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How To Price WordPress Consulting Successfully

The prices you charge determine everything about your business:

  • The types of clients you attract
  • The Feast or Famine cycle
  • The outcomes you can generate for your clients
  • The way you view client relationships
  • Whether or not you can even stay in business

If you've ever wondered what you should be charging, how to set your pricing, or what your work is actually worth, this session is for you! Read more

3 Fundamental Shifts To Get Your Website To Attract High-Value Leads

Have you been wondering if the copy on your website is carrying the right message to attract high-value clients?

After personally reviewing literally hundreds of websites for WordPress consultants and web designers, there are three major mistakes that most people make in their messaging and it's totally wrecking their results. Rather than attracting and winning high-value, long-term clients it is having the exact opposite effect on both sides of the coin. First, it is scaring away the great clients they are looking for. Second, it is attracting the cheap, low-budget work-you-to-death clients they are trying to avoid.

In this session you will discover the three ways to dial-in your site's copy and messaging so that you're talking to the people you are actually trying to attract.

If you want to protect yourself from the low-budget, stressful, waste-of-time projects while attracting the high-value, long-term clients who you can genuinely help… AND you want your website to contribute to this goal, this session is for you!

3 Different Ways To Build A WordPress Business

There are three approaches to WordPress development. All three are legitimate, but they all result in different paths for your business.

We're going to explore each path so you will discover the best approach that will enable you to hit the goals you have for your career and your business.

The surprising thing is that these three approaches are not linear, or sequential. For example, a lot of people think they can start out just implementing WordPress sites – putting themes and plugins together. Then they'll learn to write some code… maybe build a custom plugin. Then they'll start winning high-value jobs once they have more advanced skills. The truth is, it doesn't work like that.

Stop doing what everyone else does and get clarity on how to develop your skills, your mindset, and your business to make your dream job your reality.

This Is Why Doubling Your Prices Makes It Easier To Win Clients

Why aren't you charging more? Is it because you're not worth more or is it because you'll lose your clients and price yourself out of the market if you double your rates?

I'll tell you right now, I'm working with WordPress developers who have gone from selling $500 projects to $5,000 projects and – not only did they not lose clients – their clients are actually thanking them. But there's a catch – and that's what we're going to be talking about in this session.

During this session you're going to discover the secret to raising your rates dramatically without pricing yourself out of the market. I'll also tell you why I paid someone $1,000 just to check a checkbox in the WordPress admin dashboard for me… and I was thrilled to do it!

  • If you want to differentiate yourself from all the low-budget developers out there…
  • If you want to go beyond just hacking out quick, cheap projects…
  • If you want to build a business that makes a difference for you AND your clients…

This is the next step you need to take to build your business the right way – right now!

How To Build A 6-Figure WordPress Business Without Selling Anything

It used to be easy to sell websites for respectable rates. Today, if you want to onboard high-value web design clients you do it without selling websites – or anything else.

In our last DoubleStack meeting, we talked about the difference between selling to your clients and serving your clients. I wanted to open up this conversation in this group too because this is the single biggest transformational change you can make to your business.

In today's session we're covering:

  • 5 reasons why this is the most important, transformational shift you need to make
  • 3 ways to identify selling vs. serving
  • 5 reasons why serving will allow you to build a 6-figure business while selling will burn you out.

Let's do it!

How Do You Handle These 5 Common Client Objections?

If you've been working with WordPress for any length of time, you have probably heard at least one – if not all – of these client objections. Let's take a look at a few of the most common objections standing between you and winning new clients. The difference between losing the project and landing high-paying, long-term clients comes down to how you communicate the value of what you deliver. If you do it right, you can avoid almost all objections. Do it wrong, and you won't get anything but an endless stream of delays, procrastination, and rejections.

Here are five of the common objections clients give all the time. Have you heard any of these before?
Read more

How Long Does It Take To Build A 6-Figure WordPress Business?

How long does it take to build a 6-figure WordPress business and how can you get there as fast as possible?

We're going to answer those questions by exposing the REAL problem holding people back so that we can get at the truth of the honest answer on how to win clients at the prices you'd like to charge. Here's the outline for today:

  • 3 major problems WP consultants have winning clients
  • 5 reasons why these are the biggest problems
  • 5 reasons most people stay stuck
  • How to get results as fast as possible

Hold on! Here we go…

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How To Successfully 10X Your Prices – With Real-World Examples

If you want to charge more than everybody else you have to do something different from everybody else. You can't simply 10X your prices if you continue offering the same things as everyone else who is charging way less than half what you're charging. So, how can you adapt to fill the new roles that are being called for in today's new WordPress and web design marketplace?

Rather than just telling you an abstract answer to this question, I'm going to answer the question of how to 10X your pricing by giving you specific examples of people who have done this exact thing. So, I'm going to talk about three different examples from people I am working with in the DoubleStack program who have successfully raised their prices and their income by at least 10 times what they were doing before we started working together.

So, this is not a hypothetical, abstract concept sort of thing. This is real-world, real people, real results stuff we're talking about.

How To Identify High-Paying Clients Even If They Don’t Seem Interested

All potential clients fall into one of these two categories. Are they curious or are they committed? The problem is that it's not always obvious which category you are dealing with because the characteristics can be misleading. For example, you might be talking to a high-energy prospect and you could easily confuse their energy for commitment. In the same way, you could approach prospects that may initially seem disengaged or uninterested, but they are actually the ones that need your help the most.

The key to your business is finding the right clients at the right prices. Your success in landing the right clients depends on your ability to perceive who is just kicking the tires and who is seriously committed.

We are going to talk about three surprising traits you often find in great clients and three temptations to avoid so you steer clear of dead-end, low-paying projects.

After this session, you will know how to win the high-paying clients that everyone else is passing on and you will be avoiding the toxic clients everyone is fighting for.


Step ZERO If You Want A 6-Figure WordPress Business

Your business will never outgrow your mindset. Your beliefs are the lens through which you see the world. If you don't believe you can overcome serious challenges then you won't be able to have the impact you want for yourself or for your clients. Your ability to succeed is directly related to your ability to overcome massive challenges without freaking out and paralyzing yourself.

After this session you're going to come away with clarity on the following points:

  • How to take ownership of problems that initially seem out of your control. For example…
    • It's not your client's fault for rejecting your proposals.
    • Not all clients are “bad/cheap” clients. It is within your power to attract different clients.
  • How to touch a problem without becoming overwhelmed and paralyzed by it
  • How to achieve success even if you feel burnt out and exhausted
  • The reason you can charge 5x to 10x more than everyone else without pricing yourself out of the market.

If you want to attract and win high-value clients they are going to come to you because you have the skills and the attitude to overcome massive challenges and deliver profound results.

The same skillset and mindset you develop for yourself to grow your business and overcome your challenges is the skillset and mindset your clients need to get the results they are looking for. Learn and apply these concepts and you'll be a high-value asset to your own business and to your clients.