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Exposing The Truth About Building A 6-Figure Web Design Business

If you have seen The Matrix, then you will understand what I mean when I say that this is a red pill / blue pill session. You're about to learn the truth about why the prices of WordPress sites are quickly falling, why clients are rejecting your proposals, and why things are going to keep getting worse unless you break out of the 3D Web Design Illusion and start seeing the reality of today's web design market. What is 3D web design? It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth… Remember, all I'm offering is the truth, and nothing more…

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How To Get More Clients, Money, And Time…
(3 unconventional strategies)

More clients, more money, and more time – that's what everyone is looking for but those are NOT actually what you need to build a 6-figure WordPress business. Those are just the symptoms and they will automatically resolve themselves if you have the three things that really matter.

If you want to start making $5,000 to $10,000 per month consistently with a workload you can handle on your own – without having to outsource or higher help – then these are the three things you need (and they all start with the letter C).

This is a hard-hitting session, so if you are not serious about your business, then this session is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you want to know the truth, bust through the myths, and you're willing to work for it then this is exactly what you need to know.

I'm helping WordPress consultants right now who are charging 5x to 10x more than they used to and their clients are literally thanking them for making the change. How are they doing it? They have mastered these three things.

When it comes to your business, are you curious or are you serious?

Let's find out!

How To Use Scarcity To Double Your WordPress Business

Most WordPress developers I talk to have an upside-down view of how scarcity affects their business. Most people think that scarcity applies to clients. In other words, the thing that's in short supply is leads for good clients. The truth is, what's really scarce is WordPress developers who can show up with leadership, authenticity, and integrity.

Change the way you see yourself and you will change the way your clients see you. Make this shift and you will totally set yourself apart from the pack and give yourself the opportunity to double – or even triple – your business.

There are SO MANY businesses out there who desperately need help from people who have a vision, and show up with both leadership AND the technical skills to implement the vision.

What makes working with you different? Let's answer that question right now!

Is Your WordPress Business Turning Out The Way You Really Wanted?

What was in your heart when you first decided to go into business? Is that what you're doing now? If not, why not?

Are you still doing the same stuff today that you were doing last year? Is the experience that you are gaining translating into a more profitable business for you? Or are you finding that you can just work faster so you can take on more work? In other words, is any increase in your income caused by simply loading up your plate with more stuff because now you can chomp through it faster? Or, are you developing a high-value business? Are you using your improved skills and years of experience to lead your clients into greater levels of success? If not, why not?

Is Your Experience Working For You?

Are you using your experience to drive results for your clients or are you still waiting for them to tell you what to do?

Your experience is one of the most valuable things you have. If you're not using your experience to lead your clients and drive amazing outcomes then you're undervaluing your own work and you're not serving your clients at the level they really need from you. Anybody can build a website. Your clients can even do that for free now if they want to spend a weekend on Wix. But what are they going to do with that website? Are you going to rely on them to come up with the plan for success or are you going to show up as the hero and lead them to victory?

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Overcoming The Fear Of REAL Marketing

If going out and connecting with new clients isn't your idea of how to have a good time, let's get that fixed right now. You don't have to be an outgoing extrovert to be successful at winning new clients. In fact, what I've found, is that the more introverts tend to have more success when it comes to REAL marketing because they often times have more empathy and a better ability to connecting in a meaningful and honest way with people.

You're about to discover:

  • The fundamental problem with cold calls and emails
  • Why most people feel uncomfortable with marketing and how to overcome it
  • A three-word-phrase that will change your entire perspective when it comes to connecting with clients

This is a really powerful session because it will make a dramatic impact on how you view marketing your business. Change your marketing and you'll change your entire business.

I'm really excited for this one!

Big Results Require Big Changes

Are you looking for BIG results? Whether it's in your business or in some other area of your life, there's one secret that tends to be elusive when it comes to getting big results. We're going to clear that up right now.

You don't see big changes form small tweaks. If you want to see a big difference you have to make some big changes.

If you're ready to see your dream transform into the reality of the business you've always wanted, this is for you!

How To Justify The Value Of Your High-Ticket Work

Most of the WordPress developers I talk to want to raise their rates, but you can't just raise your prices without justifying the value of your work. So, what's special about you? What do you have that the other cheaper alternatives don't?

There are four really common answers to this question. I will go over each of them and show you why the common answers are actually very weak replies. Then we'll talk about how to develop a powerful answer that fundamentally sets you apart from the crowd.

This is a great session because this is the key for how you rise above the noise.