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Does WordPress Only Attract Cheap Clients?

Here is an exact quote from a comment on one of my Facebook posts about WordPress development and freelancing.

Been in the business 20 years. WordPress has always attracted the low end client. When a client comes to us saying “We want to use WordPress” it's coded language for “We have no money and we know WP is cheap”.

Is this true? Does WordPress only attract cheap clients? Or, is RIGHT NOW the best time ever to be a WordPress freelancer?

WordPress Freelancing 3.0

I've been working with WordPress for over 10 years and I've seen the world of WordPress freelancing go through three different phases. As time moves on, the things that used to be effective and profitable have become either obsolete or wildly unprofitable. The good news is, that the new wave of WordPress freelancing is the most profitable and the most rewarding of all. Do you need to upgrade to WordPress Freelancing 3.0? Read more

Is It Time To Give Up On Your WordPress Freelancing Business?

I have talked with a bunch of WordPress developers who have been freelancing for years and they all say the same thing. It used to be easier to sell WordPress websites. 

Even people who were making 6-figure incomes a few years ago with WordPress freelancing are telling me that everything is drying up now and they can't find nearly as much work as they used to. And, the work they do find, is just not commanding the rates they used to be able to charge. So now, they are faced with a huge decision. Should they give up?  Read more

Do You Hate Selling? Try These Three Things!

Wouldn't it be great if you could just skip past the whole “selling” phase of the client relationship and just go straight to doing awesome work together? Nobody likes being pushy, talking about money, and trying to close the deal. That stuff is exhausting, frustrating, and doesn't feel good. The good news is you don't have to do that stuff to win new clients. That's an old, outdated way of bringing clients on board. Let's talk about the new way that feels good for both you and your client. It is energizing for everyone involved. And, you don't have to be a super-outgoing, extroverted person to do it.

In this video, we're talking about three shifts you can make that will fundamentally transform the way you market your business and onboard new clients.

How To Talk To Your Clients So They Understand Your Value

If you could hand-pick your ideal client, what would that look like? Would it be a business owner eager to get traction and server her clients? Would it be someone who listens to what you suggest and is committed and ready to take action? Would they understand that you're services aren't cheap, but they need what you're offering so they are decisive, committed, and have no excuses? I think that is the type of client most of us are looking for. So, here's the big question. If you're trying to attract business owners like that why are you marketing to WordPress developers? Read more

How To Get Your Clients To Take Action

Are you waiting for a client to send you copy for the website? Do you have proposals sitting out there but nobody is getting back to you? Are you ready to really crush it but your client is dragging their feet? There are two problems that stall out projects. Solving these two problems will energize your clients and fire up your projects like never before. Let's talk about how to get your clients to (finally) take action. Read more

Hitting The Jackpot of Your Ideal WordPress Clients

If the #1 concern on the minds of WordPress consultants is needing more WordPress clients, the #2 concern is where to find them. I have the opportunity to speak to a lot of WordPress developers about how to grow their businesses and almost everyone talks about one or both of these issues. So, let's dive in and figure out where those ideal clients really are. How do you hit the jackpot and win your ideal WordPress clients?  Read more

Do You Need More Clients For Your WordPress Business?

I talk to a very large number of WordPress developers and the main question on everyone's mind is this. How can I get more clients? Today, we're going to dive into that question and take a really good look at the root cause of this problem and how to overcome it. We'll be talking about how today's WordPress economy is different from how it was just a year or two ago. We'll get into the details of what it looks like to take on more clients, how to raise your rates, and how to hit your income goals without pricing yourself too high and losing clients to cheaper alternatives. If you're feeling stuck and unclear on how to move forward with your business, then this is for you. Read more