From $500 to $5,000+ Clients – Even In Idaho! – Meet Amy

When client after client says your prices are “too high” or “more than they were expecting”  it is easy to think that all clients are broke and nobody is willing to pay you what you’re really worth.

Or maybe you’re thinking that the problem is where you live.  If you lived in a bigger city – like somewhere in New York, or California, or Florida – then there would be more people who are serious about their business and they would be able to afford the rates you want to charge.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve got to meet Amy. She went from barely being able to sell $500 websites to landing $5,000+ clients – and she lives in Idaho! So, yes, it’s definitely possible to 10X your pricing… even if you live in Idaho.

Here’s a quick preview of what Amy said:
I was super-pressed for time charging $500 per site. Maybe I’d do somebody a favor and do it for $250. I had to squeeze in so many sites per month just to make ends meet. I wasn’t really giving anybody my best. I had no residual income at all. Even though I knew how to do a great job, I really couldn’t afford to spend that much time on a site.

Now, I’m more confident. The quality of my work has gone way up and my marketing skills have really improved. I know what to ask and what to talk about. It just feels better. I don’t feel bad asking for higher prices because they’re definitely getting their money’s worth.

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