How To Collect Payments For Scheduling A Calendar Event

Do you work with anyone who charges for time on their calendar? For example, a photographer who books photo sessions? If so, in the next 20 minutes you're going to discover an awesome way to turn your client's website into their own booking agent.

OK, suppose you're working with a photographer and she wants people to book and pay for photo sessions. In addition, she wants to provide a document of tips to make sure people are prepared for the session and they know what to expect. Lastly, she wants to make sure this person has been added to her email marketing platform as a customer for future mailings.

Here's what we're going to cover:

  • How to get let people sign up on your calendar but only for times that are available
  • How to include extra information along with the booked session like a “Preparing For Your Photo Session” PDF or something.
  • How to add your client to a few different email lists so you can follow up with them in the future based on the interactions you've had with them. For example, you might follow up with your wedding photography clients with different information and at different times from your Senior Picture clients.
  • How to provide multiple payment options all on the same page (PayPal, Credit Card, and manually accepting a check in person)
  • How to set up a private area on your site as a simple client portal where you and your client can share pictures or anything else just between the two of you.

Here are the links to the apps I talk mention: