Get A Logo Like 99designs For $3.00

I used to go to 99designs when I needed a quick logo for a web design client or a personal project. Some clients don’t have much of a budget for branding and I’d rather apply their budget to services that will generate more traffic and leads.

But, if the client’s logo is a mess, they won’t look professional. That diminishes trust, which can negatively impact the client’s conversion rates on their website.

I’ve gotten some great logos from 99designs, but I have also found that in order to get a logo that looks like the examples they show on the website, it requires me to run a logo competition in one of their two high-end pricing tiers. Those pricing tiers are currently priced at $899 and $1299.

The lower-end packages, which are $299 and $499, normally attract more entry-level designers. Those designers often take your business name initials – the first letter of each word of your business name – and combine those letters into a logo.

Sometimes that can look cool. But, if that’s all you need, you can get something almost exactly like that for $3.00 instead of $300.

Here’s an example of a logo I just whipped up for a personal project I’m working on. I created this logo in about 5-minutes for basically free because I already have a subscription to Adobe Stock.

This logo only cost me $3.00 and about 10 minutes instead of $300 – $500 if I had run a design competition on one of the lower pricing tiers.

When I Still Use 99designs

This little hack does not replace 99designs for me. I will still use 99designs when I need more than just a quick logo. For example, I tend to buy the Logo + Social Media pack, which includes cover images for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. I’ve been very happy with what I’ve been able to get from 99designs and have used them for years with much success, including for the DoubleStack branding. But again, I jump into the high-end packages. If I just need a quick logo, this little trick has come in super handy.

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