We’ll Write The Copy For Your Client’s Website, Lead Magnets, and Email Sequences

Most business owners aren’t copywriting experts. They don’t like writing, they aren’t very good at it, and they put it off. This can drag out projects forever.

When you write the copy for them:

  • You’re done in a few days instead of a few months
  • The client is happy because they don’t have to do it
  • The website gets more traffic and converts more customers

The Client Interview

We’ll interview your client over Zoom. We schedule a 90-minute meeting, but we usually finish in about an hour. Then we use the recording of that conversation to write the copy for their website.

The Content

We create five categories of content:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Services
  • Contact
  • FAQ

Content Categories vs. Web Pages

We are collecting five categories of information as listed above. The “services” category may represent multiple web pages. Rather than creating one long page of services, we create one page for each service so that we can optimize the SEO keywords for each service page.

Our standard copywriting package includes up to 10 web pages which covers up to six services web pages. If your client has more than six services, we can provide you with a custom quote.

On average, each page will be about 500 words in length and will include a primary headline followed by multiple paragraphs separated by secondary titles.

The contact page is the exception and will only contain as much information as necessary for sharing the business’s contact information.

Email List Building With Lead Magnets

We believe building an email list is one of the most important things a business can do for its marketing. The optional lead magnet upgrade includes three components:

Email opt-in form
We’ll write a headline, very brief call-to-action description, and button text for the email opt-in form.

PDF Download
We’ll create a 500-word lead magnet that your client’s audience will find interesting and useful. The goal of the lead magnet is to qualify, educate, and support your client’s leads while offering something valuable to build your client’s email list.

You will get the content in a Google Doc. We encourage you to take that content and design a professional-looking PDF so the lead magnet feels authoritative and is branded with your client’s logo, colors, and business identity.

5-Part Email Nurturing Sequence
After someone enters their email address to download the lead magnet, it is important to continue to nurture the lead. We’ll create a 5-part email sequence that continues to educate and encourage your client’s leads to take the next step toward becoming paying customers.

We’ll include the email subject line as well as the email body, which will be approximately 150 words.


Site Content Package

  • 90-minute client interview
  • 5 content categories (as listed above)
  • Up to 10 web pages of copy delivered in Google Docs

Your Price: $1,000
Retail Price: $1,500

Site Content + Lead Magnet Upgrade

  • 90-minute client interview
  • 5 content categories (as listed above)
  • Up to 10 web pages of copy delivered in Google Docs
  • Headline and description for email opt-in form
  • 500-word PDF download lead magnet
  • 5-part email drip campaign (150 words each)

Your Price: $1,500
Retail Price: $2,000