Meta, Pinterest, and Google Ad Management

You get holistic support with your ad campaigns because we know that the whole point is to drive conversions, not just run ads. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Google, we’ve got you covered.

What Makes Us Different

Most white-label ad management services just manage the ads. They don’t write the ads. They don’t design creative. They don’t concern themselves with landing pages, calls to action, or lead nurturing sequences. We’ll work with you on as much of that as you want.

Social Media Marketing Support

If you’re running Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram), you will also want to have at least a basic social media management campaign running as well because people will click through to the page running the ads. If the page is empty with no organic content, it seems weird. Also, Facebook is more likely to raise their eyebrows when they see ads with no organic content. We can support you with white-label social media marketing as well.


As noted above, we can help with a lot more than just managing ad campaigns. Be sure to set up a call with us so we can support you with exactly what you need. To get a sense for the pricing, here’s one of our most popular packages.

One Platform Campaign
Pick one platform (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Google)

We will…

  • establish the campaign targeting (who sees the ads)
  • produce the images or videos for three ad variations
  • write the ad copy for the three ad variations
  • manage and respond to comments on the ads
  • produce monthly white-label reports on campaign performance

Your price: $250/month
Recommended resale price: $350/month

One-Time Setup
We’ll set up the initial campaign as well as the client’s ad manager on the ad platform.

Your Price: $450
Recommended resale price: $500

Optional add-ons include:

  • copy for the landing page
  • landing page design
  • email nurturing sequence