Social Media Management:
Consistent, Professional, Strategic

We believe most social media management services – especially white-label services – lack results because they are fundamentally flawed for three reasons: content, goals, and strategy.

Relevant Content

It doesn’t do any good to post irrelevant content like most white-label social media management services. So, we develop a content calendar for you that includes a balance of content from these nine categories:

  • Excerpts from long-form content you already have
  • Shared content from other helpful sources
  • Testimonials and quotes from your clients
  • Educational content to nurture your audience 
  • Inspirational content to encourage your audience
  • Promotional posts about your products and services
  • News such as new employees, events, and announcements
  • Strategic content to pull new clients from your audience
  • Created content that we develop for you 

This ensures we always have timely, helpful, relevant content to share with your audience, giving you a consistent and professional presence on your social media channels.

Results-Oriented Goals

We use social media to nurture your audience into paying clients. 

The vast majority of social media management services focus on boosting what we call vanity metrics.  Vanity metrics are things like how many followers you have and the number of likes on a post. These metrics make you feel good, but they don’t accurately represent how many actual clients you’re getting.

Of course, we love seeing your audience grow too, but we’re focused on attracting and nurturing qualified leads, not just accumulating casual followers. That’s why we use the content calendar combined with a defined client acquisition strategy as the foundation for your social media presence.

Acquisition Strategy

As we’re developing your content and nurturing your audience, a portion of your social media posts should push a specific call to action. So, we’ll work with you to develop the strategy behind the customer journey from discovering your business, experiencing your content, and then becoming a paying client. The goal will be to have some of your social media posts link back to your website so people can take the next step in the journey to becoming your next client.


We have three pricing tiers based on the number of posts per week you’d like.

Your Price: The reduced white-label price.
Recommended Price: The price we suggest you charge when reselling this service to your clients. It’s also the price we charge when we work directly with our own clients.

1 Post Per Week (4 per month)
Cost Per Post: $70
Your Price: $280/month
Recommended Price: $500/month

3 Posts Per Week (12 per month)
Cost Per Post: $60
Your Price: $720/month
Recommended Price: $1,000/month

Daily – 7 Posts Per Week (30 per month)
Cost per post: $50
Your Price: $1,500/month
Recommended Price: $2,000/month