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The Authority Framework

Discover the counterintuitive strategies I’ve developed over the last 20 years for landing serious, growth-oriented web design clients.

This is a modern approach to solving the most frustrating problems of running your own web design business.

The Authority Framework

Discover the features and services we offer in our $10,000 and up recurring revenue packages and how we use The Authority Framework to get leads for those projects.

Lee Blue

Lee Blue

I have shown hundreds of web designers how to build their own 6-figure businesses with a portfolio of five-figure clients. This is the exact same training that turned the tides for them.

Donnie Calderone

Lee’s program works, after only four weeks into DoubleStack I landed my first $14,000 client!

Joe Fernette

I’ve been a web designer for 5 years with clients in the $1k – $2k range. In less than two months working with Lee, I just landed a $12,800 client! It feels awesome to 10X my rates.

Travis Gitthens

After finishing your coaching course:
– Added 9 new high ticket clients 
– 4 more are waiting for me to start
– All from my website. No ads.
– Hired my 1st employee
– Significantly surpassed $100k goal 
So, thank you very much, Sir!

KaVonte Carthron, owner of Fearless IT

KaVonte Carthron

Before DoubleStack I was selling sites for about $1,500. The clients I was attracting just didn’t have the budget for anything more. Seven weeks and a few shifts later and I just landed my first $10,000 client!

Ryan Jackson, owner of web design company Infinite Creations

Ryan Jackson

Before DoubleStack, I was only considering web design as my go-to for all my clients. Now I’m able to give my clients a complete set of services that will not only help them reach their goals past web design, but continually support their needs along the way.

Douglas Campbell

Before DoubleStack I was getting around $1k-$2k per project. My income was sporadic and not enough to live on. Today I’m happy to say I just landed a $24,000 client… and am well on my way to closing a second! Thanks again, Lee!

Jon and Bianca, owners of Argent Foundry - Web Technologies

Jon & Bianca

We landed a $12,000+ deal 2 weeks after starting DoubleStack!! Lee’s system gave us direction that would have taken years to refine on our own. Our client relationships have totally changed and so has our confidence!

Chris Falzone, owner of RockIT Interactive

Chris Falzone

I landed a $12,000 client only three weeks into working with Lee. DoubleStack is awesome but what really makes this worthwhile is the fact that Lee really does go the extra mile to help us be as successful as possible. I’ve been freelancing for 25 years and it was like a lightbulb went off and it’s exciting.

Gabe Gibitz, owner of Blue Guru

Gabe Gibitz

Before DoubleStack I was charging around $3,500 per project. Now I’m landing clients over $10,000. Over the last three weeks, I’ve landed over $25,000 of new projects!

Vanessa Johnson, owner of Click Labs


After a year of working with awful clients that didn’t pay well, I just landed a $12,000 project! I put together my proposal using the DoubleStack system, and when it came time for a meeting, they basically just said yes to everything!

Michael McGinn, a client of Lee Blue's WordPress coaching

Michael McGinn

When I first called Lee I was selling websites for under $1,000. I told him my goal was to get my income up to $88,000 per year. Only seven weeks after enrolling in DoubleStack I’m excited to say I’ve landed $249,600 worth of new contracts!

Ren Caldwell, owner of RensWebs

Ren Caldwell

I have just secured a client for $16,000 and have another signed contract for over $32,000. Before DoubleStack, I was undercharging on websites and not offering retainer services at all. I now have a steady monthly income and foresee my highest income year ever!

Seth Capshaw, client of Lee Blue's web design coaching

Seth C

Lee’s course, coaching, and DoubleStack method absolutely works! I can honestly say, his solutions and ways of problem solving for clients turned my fledgling business model around. Within the first 3 weeks, I landed a $22,000 client. Take the course, and get to work!

Janette Ralston,, client of Lee Blue's web design coaching

Janette Ralston

We just landed two new clients totaling $25,000 in the last two weeks!

Tyler Durling, a client of Lee Blue''s web design coaching

Tyler Durling

Lee is the man! The DoubleStack program has reframed my client relationships and revolutionized how I secure business putting ME in the driver seat. I just landed a $26,200 client…what?!

Robyn Hodgdon

We’re up over $20,000 in under 20 days! We are so grateful for you, Lee! We honestly feel Doublestack is an answer to prayer.

Courtney, client of Lee Blue's web design coaching

Courtney T

I just landed a $66,000 contract with a local bankruptcy attorney firm!

Jason Lo, client of Lee Blue's web design coaching

Jason Lo

One small mindset tweak and a week into DoubleStack I’ve landed my biggest account yet. $31,800 to be exact!

The Authority Framework

Discover the features and services we offer in our $10,000 and up recurring revenue packages and how we use The Authority Framework to get leads for those projects.