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I sort of took it with a grain of salt when I was watching a Facebook live video and I first heard "this won't be a sales call about me or my course... fill out the form and tell me about you and your business so I can pack as much value into 45 minutes as possible".

There I was, an hour later, having a newfound focus on what direction and steps I need to take as the leader of this ship. Lee underpromised and over-delivered on value and I absolutely can't wait to work together more going forward.

If you procrastinate like me - you're missing out on a big one here. Schedule an appointment now. You'll wish you had done this a month ago.



Before my call with Lee I had a ton of ideas for how to move my business forward but no ideas how to do any of it, or in what order. I just got off the phone with him and I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because I know his coaching program is going to help me reach my goals way faster than it would take for me to tackle on my own. Do yourself a favor and give Lee a call today! It's a zero pressure situation 🙂 



Thank you for the call this morning! I learned so much from your experience and your ideas. Thanks to your advice, I now have a clearer vision on how to approach the right clients. I appreciate your guidance and for sharing your genuine knowledge. If you need help on how to transform your business, you should definitely talk to Lee!



Thank you again for our amazing call yesterday! Lots of fun and energy! I love learning from your experience and knowledge of landing high ticket clients as I begin taking my business to the next level. I shared a few war stories and appreciated your advice... and that's just from the intro call! I really get a genuine sense that you want me to succeed and I am grateful for that.


What People Are Saying About DoubleStack

Lee helped me get my VERY first customer. They're worth over $40,000 and offered me a percentage of net profits in addition to my monthly retainer!

Jim - Candor Multimedia


I can't believe that a $200 WordPress "hotfix" for a completely new client turned in to a $10,000 per year account! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sally - 88 Creative Studio

Just landed another client! That totals $25,000 in just six weeks! So cool! Thank you for this new direction for my business!

Charlie - FrontRow Multimedia

Just landed my first official website client going from Logo > Design > Development and then into a retainer! I am excited to be the agency instead of supporting someone else's!

Adam - Silverbox Development


I'm learning so much! This was the best choice I could have made to take this course. I feel so privileged to be working with you.

Amy - SureLeader Websites


I landed a new $2,400 client after only two weeks working with Lee! His DoubleStack system really works!

Allan - FUEL Web Media


I'm really happy with the course and your mentorship/coaching. I know that this has been a big push in the right direction.

Rebeca - Geeky Chick Labs