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Lee Blue is a business coach for web designers who want their own 6-figure businesses and are tired of working with nit-picky clients on exhausting, low-budget projects.

Lee Blue

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Blue Theory vs. DoubleStack

There are two ways we can work together to build your web design business.

Blue Theory is a comprehensive community-based coaching program available for $99/month. We work together with both recorded and live training to achieve three primary objectives:

  • Offer: Define your results-driven solution
  • Leads: Develop your lead acquisition funnel
  • Clients: Convert your leads into clients

DoubleStack, in contrast, is a personalized mentoring program limited to five new members each month. We cover all of the concepts in Blue Theory while adding a multitude of premium features, including direct one-on-one mentorship. Because the group is so much smaller, I’m able to give you much more of my personal attention including helping you write proposals, collaborating with you on copy for your emails/website.

In DoubleStack, we also work on developing your Authority Network as well as sales calls and onboarding clients.

You will also build at least one no-code, subscription-based marketing platform establishing you as an online marketing authority in the eyes of your clients.

DoubleStack is much more comprehensive than Blue Theory so there are some requirements to get in.

Requirements: To join DoubleStack, you need:

  • At least two years of experience building websites.
  • At least 10 hours per week to invest in developing and marketing your business.
  • A commitment to add a minimum of $50,000 per year of revenue to your business.

Guarantee: DoubleStackers who work with me live for six months will earn at least $5,000 of new revenue or the next six months of Live Access support are free.

All members accepted into DoubleStack receive lifetime access to all (non-live) course content.

When you’re ready, click here and schedule your call to see if DoubleStack is the right fit for you.

Free Training on YouTube

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Live Help On Facebook

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Two O’clock Workshop – Live
We do live workshops on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM Eastern where you can get live support and help with things like:

  • Reviewing your website
  • Optimizing your landing pages
  • How to price your work
  • What niches are good for web design
  • How to package retainers for recurring revenue
  • and more…

If you feel like you have to discount your rates to stay competitive and you’re wondering how to build a stable income with your own business that provides the freedom and lifestyle you’ve been wanting, this is for you.