The “I can’t afford that!” Myth

How many times have your clients told you, “I can't afford that!”

This is one of the most common objections you'll get when presenting proposals to your clients. The interesting thing about this objection is that it's a myth. I'll give you three examples that prove that this is a myth being used as a defense mechanism. Then we'll talk about how to bust that myth – both in your mind AND in your client's mind – so you can win these clients and protect them from low-budget developers who just want to take their money. Read more

The Seasonal WordPress Famine Is Coming

Very few people build new websites during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This means web designers who rely on building and updating websites are going to be entering into the “seasonal famine” time of the year.

Today we're talking about what web designers can do to not only survive but actually thrive during this time of year. This is going to be an awesome training session because it can have a huge impact on the way you think of your business and the way you work with your clients even if it's not the right time to be “selling websites.”

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The Critical Shift To Generate $5k to $10k Per Month With Your Web Design Business

If you want to bring in a consistent, steady $5k to $10k per month with your WordPress consulting business it takes a lot of work. There is no secret trick or special thing that I know – or that anybody else knows – that will generate a 6-figure WordPress consulting business for you overnight. Most people I talk to are already working crazy hard. They're just not seeing any results and they are burning themselves out.

What makes all the difference is after the work is done, are you getting a check for $500 or $5,000? When you start seeing the results coming in from your work, that gives you the energy and excitement to continue working towards even bigger things. Let's talk about how to get there.

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How To Convince Clients To Pay What You’re Really Worth

Last week we went through an easy exercise to discover your ideal pricing. I got a lot of feedback from that and it basically all came down to two points.

  1. Most WordPress developers want to (at least) double their rates
  2. A lot of people felt like they couldn't convince their clients to pay higher rates

Today we're going to be exploring both of those issues. You're going to come away from today's training session with a new understanding of what it takes to set yourself apart from all the other low-budget options your client may be considering. Let's dive in!

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Try This Exercise To Discover Your Ideal Pricing

If you're reading this, you should double your rates. Here's why:

  • You want to do the best job possible
  • You genuinely want your clients to get results
  • You should be paid fairly for your work

By undercutting your own prices it seems like you will be able to get more clients which is what you need to grow your business. But, the truth is, the opposite is true. Raising your rates will attract better clients and enable you to do your best work so that you can drive the results your clients are counting on your for.

Last week we talked about all the outside pressures and criticisms that are trying to keep you down. Today, let's talk about YOU! Sometimes your harshest critic is the voice inside your own head. Let's change that right now!

Plus, try this easy exercise to figure out your ideal pricing for your next WordPress project.

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Silencing the Critics – Part 1

Most WordPress developers should (at least) double their rates.

How does that make you feel? Are you thinking there's no way? Are you coming up with excuses for why you can't do that? Or, are you thinking there's got to be a better way and you want a piece of it?

How do you overcome the obstacles standing between you and your dream? If you're running your own WordPress consulting business or thinking about starting one there are two massive obstacles you will need to overcome. Today we're talking about one of them.
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How To Offer A WordPress Care Plan That Shows You Really Do Care

Have you tried getting your clients on a monthly care plan for their WordPress site? If so, you're probably finding that it's becoming increasingly difficult to get clients to agree to these plans. You, being skilled and knowledgeable about WordPress know how critical it is to keep plugins and WordPress itself up to date with the latest security patches and updates but it is becoming harder and harder to communicate the value of this to clients. Let's talk about why that is and how you can get clients on high-value monthly retainers by offering a care plan that shows you really do care. Hint: It's not about plugin updates. Read more