How To Successfully 10X Your Prices – With Real-World Examples

If you want to charge more than everybody else you have to do something different from everybody else. You can’t simply 10X your prices if you continue offering the same things as everyone else who is charging way less than half what you’re charging. So, how can you adapt to fill the new roles that are being called for in today’s new WordPress and web design marketplace?

Rather than just telling you an abstract answer to this question, I’m going to answer the question of how to 10X your pricing by giving you specific examples of people who have done this exact thing. So, I’m going to talk about three different examples from people I am working with in the DoubleStack program who have successfully raised their prices and their income by at least 10 times what they were doing before we started working together.

So, this is not a hypothetical, abstract concept sort of thing. This is real-world, real people, real results stuff we’re talking about.

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