3 Questions That Are Sabotaging Your WordPress Business

If there was a point in your client meetings where you were losing the sale… Or, if there was a certain thing you were saying that was causing you to leave thousands of dollars on the table… Wouldn’t you want to know what that was? Today we’re going to be talking about three questions that come up during client meeting that can completely derail your entire meeting. The interesting thing is that it’s not necessarily the questions themselves that are the problem, but the point in the meeting when they come up and how you handle them. Those two things make all the difference.

Establishing Roles

One thing that determines the value that you bring to the project is who leads the meeting. If your client is leading the meeting then you are going to be perceived as less valuable, less of an authority, and less of an expert. The way you handle certain questions determines who is in charge of the conversation and who is leading the meeting. This is not to say that you have to be all heavy-handed about it. But it is important to be mindful of the role you are establishing for yourself because that’s going to carry through for the entire project and the duration of your relationship with the client.

Getting Clarity On The Offer

Almost every client meeting I have ever been part of starts out with the client having a preconceived idea of what they are looking for. The way things start out is always different from how things end up by the end of the meeting. So, there is a very specific pattern you can follow that will keep your meeting on track and allow you to discover what your client really wants. You will find that this is almost always different from what they think that want.

Shortcircuit The Whole Meeting

There’s one question, in particular, that can instantly shortcircuit the whole meeting if you address it at the wrong time or in the wrong way. We’re going to go over that and why it’s such a problem.

It’s All Very Subtle

The thing that makes client meetings and “sales” presentations so tricky is that the things that derail the train are often subtle and hard to discover. The questions are valid, and you’re honestly trying to help your client. You want to learn what they want and offer things you can do to help. So, in this video, I’m going to walk you through the three questions that come up in almost every single client meeting and show you how, if they are not handled in the right way and at the right time, they can be secretly crashing your meeting. This can cause you to leave thousands of dollars on the table or potentially lose the project altogether.

So, if you’re a WordPress developer, and you’ve been running client meetings where your client doesn’t think they can afford your services. Or if they say they only need a small one-page site, or if they start pounding you with questions right from the beginning, then this video will help you identify the points where things can get off track.


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