3 Reasons Why You Are Not Attracting The Right Clients

Do you find that if you can just get a client to sit down at a meeting with you they almost always say yes? If you can just get them to talk to you, then things almost always go really well. So why doesn’t that happen more often? What can you do to start attracting more of the right clients at the right price?

In this session, you will discover the top three reasons why most web designers and digital marketing agencies are not attracting and winning the clients they want to be working with.

This session is for you if:

  • You are having trouble finding clients
  • You are attracting the wrong clients
  • You are having trouble getting clients to accept your high-ticket prices

Discover the three reasons most web designers aren’t attracting the right clients at the right price.

Niche Mastery

Discover how to tap into the most profitable local markets without limiting yourself to a single industry.

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