3 Requirements For High-Ticket Consulting

As you may know, I talk 1:1 with web designers who want to find higher-paying clients.

DoubleStack is all about helping web designers graduate up from one-off projects and into landing long-term clients. With a portfolio of high-ticket clients who pay you on a monthly basis, you’re able to build your own 6-figure business and you only need about 7 or 8 clients to get there.

We’ve got an entire process in place that covers both the tech/marketing stack and the business development stack (thus the name DoubleStack) to get there.

This different approach has been very successful for me over the last 18 years and, as you can see from our growing Five Figure Family, it’s working for a lot of other people too.

While DoubleStack has been awesome for a lot of people, it’s clearly not for everybody. I just got off the phone with someone who asked me if I thought DoubleStack would work for him.

So, here’s what you need in order to bring your own 6-figure web design business to life.

Here’s what we’re covering:

  • The technical requirements to know if you’re ready for high-ticket consulting
  • The big marketing shift that attracts serious clients
  • How to develop the confidence to get your clients over their fear of saying yes

Are you ready to win high-ticket clients?

Let’s find out!

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