3 Things 6-Figure Consultants Do That Set Them Apart From Everyone Else

There are three things that high-ticket WordPress consultants do that differentiate them from all the low-budget developers. We’re going to dive into all three of them right now.

This workshop is for you if…

  • All your leads are coming from word of mouth referrals and that’s causing a bunch of volatility in your revenue
  • You feel like nobody has the budget to afford the rates you should be charging
  • You’re feeling burnt out and overworked and wondering what to do next
  • You are wonder where to find clients who can afford your services
  • You want to know how to set yourself apart from the all of the low-budget developers

There is a lot that goes into running a successful business. We’re not going to be talking about everything it takes to build a solid business. But if you are missing any of these three things it’s going to be very hard – if not impossible – to break away from the pack and win the clients you actually want to be working with.

These are the three ESSENTIAL components you need to run a high-value WordPress business so you don’t have to wear yourself out fighting for cheap projects as just another face in the crowd.