5 Bars of Web Design Prison

After personally providing one-on-one consulting and mentoring with hundreds of web designers and talking with thousands more in conferences and meetups it has become clear that there are five things that block most web designers from earning the income they need. This is a very big deal because it’s literally your life we’re talking about. And, not just your life, but the life of your family, your children, and also your clients.

Not everybody has every single one of these five challenges, but these are the things that stand between barely making a living selling cheap websites and people running their own 6-figure web design businesses.

Before we begin it’s important to come at this with the right mindset which includes two important points:

  • It’s not your fault and it’s nothing to be ashamed about (we’ll talk about why in a minute)
  • You have to get real with yourself and be honest about what’s actually going on in your business.

Ok, ready? Let’s dive in.

The Authority Framework

Discover the counterintuitive strategies I’ve developed over the last 20 years for landing serious, growth-oriented web design clients.

This is a modern approach to solving the most frustrating problems of running your own web design business.