5 Weird SEO Tips

I was asked how to bundle SEO services into a web design package that generates recurring revenue. The problem is, I don’t really like “normal” SEO.

Instead of talking about all the boring SEO stuff everybody already knows, here are five weird SEO tips that will drive better results for your clients while generating recurring revenue for you.

The unfortunate thing is, web designers that don’t start moving in this direction are going to start losing their clients.


00:00 – Successful SEO doesn’t guarantee leads
03:17 – 5 weird ways to think about SEO
04:38 – Who is the audience? (Peers vs Clients)
06:33 – Where do you find the audience?
08:25 – How do you help?
11:10 – Developing your authority without talking about yourself
15:30 – How to start the relationship
18:23 – Recurring revenue
21:12 – The danger of losing all your clients

The Open Secret

The open secret to landing higher-paying clients is to offer higher value and better results. That means combining your tech stack with your marketing stack (thus the name DoubleStack). You will be shocked by how fast this one shift will transform your entire business. It’s the difference between taking on random jobs and building a profitable business.

When you’re ready, I’m here to help.

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