How To Be Affordable Without Attracting Cheap Clients

How to avoid cheap clients who make you feel like quitting – that’s what we’re talking about today. Have you noticed that the clients who pay the least always want you to work the most?

Have you gotten a lead but they didn’t have much of a budget? So… maybe you scaled things back, lowered your price, and took the client anyway. Some work is better than no work, right? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. But, have you noticed that those low-budget clients tend to be the hardest clients to work with?

Let’s dive in and get some answers to these questions:

  • Why do cheap clients tend to be so hard to work with?
  • How can you be guaranteed to attract better clients?
  • How can you be affordable without attracting cheap clients who make you feel like quitting?

Here’s how to be affordable without attracting cheap clients!

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