Crazy, Scary Call With A Client

It started with an email that said, “Hey, I’ve got a problem with my WordPress site. Can you give me a call?” So I call her to discover that she was moments away from launching her website. She and her web designer go in to make a few final tweaks and… boom… something went wrong and the website looks like it was run through a blender.

The call was not scary for me, it was scary for my client and really scary for her WordPress developer. She and her WordPress developer had invested almost 2 months in building out their WordPress site. They were almost finished and ready to go live. They went in to make some final tweaks and the site basically blew up. All the images and text were all askew – like the site was run through a blender. So they called me to see if I could fix it.

I felt so bad for her and especially her WordPress developer who was so upset. She had poured all this work into the site and now she was worried that it was all for nothing and she might even have to give the money back – or rebuild months of work for free… It was definitely a mess.

  • What theme were they using?
  • What plugins were involved?
  • How can you avoid this sort of fiasco?

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