Discovering The Beauty Of The WordPress Community With Michelle Frechette

Sometimes you just need to be inspired. If that’s you, don’t miss this!

You could be looking for work, trying to find WordPress help, or looking for a community that will support your mental health and well-being. Michelle contributes deeply to all of that and can help you get plugged in where you need it.

An Awesome And Unexpected Blessing

Michelle has been a blessing to a lot of people. Then the community came together to bless her. So definitely stay to the end and hear the moving story about how the WordPress community came together to help Michelle in an awesome and totally unexpected way.

Getting The Support You Need

Michelle is about to share a half-dozen resources with you.

Whether you’re looking for jobs, friends, or just to get plugged into the amazing WordPress community Michelle is all about getting you connected for success!

(She’s literally the head of customer success at

Ways To Connect With Michelle

Michelle is involved in so many things and they all have something to do with helping people. Follow Michelle and her work in the following places: