Do you have what it takes to build a $5,000 WordPress site?

Are you sweating the price that you put on your proposals worried that if you charge too much you will price yourself out of the market and lose clients to people willing to do all that work for less?

Do you wonder if your skills are strong enough to actually charge the rates you want? Are you wondering what those skills even are?

The average price for building out a WordPress site is about $1,000. If you are trying to run a business that actually generates enough money to provide for yourself and your family, you’re going to have to find a LOT of clients and work crazy hours to make that work.

What if you want to do better than that? You can’t just slap a bigger price tag on your work because your clients will just go with someone else – or maybe they’ll just build their own website with one of those free DIY site builders out there. How are you supposed to compete against that? Drive your prices down? Do you really want to be stuck in that price race to the bottom?

The good news there’s a way out of this stressful, low-value, way of running your business. There’s a powerful solution to this problem that will fundamentally shift the nature of your business. Once you make this shift you will:

  • Have the confidence to charge MUCH higher rates because you are offering something different from everybody else.
  • Set the framework for powerful, productive, and efficient client meetings
  • Your clients will stop asking for changes that eat up tons of time while actually making their site WORSE
  • You won’t have to constantly be hunting for new clients all the time
  • You’ll finally be able to build a serious business that you can scale while generating streams of reliable recurring revenue.

And that’s just scratching the surface. If you make this shift in your business, you will de-stress your life and deliver better projects while serving your clients more deeply and better than ever before.