The Secret To Marketing Your Web Design Business Without Sounding Exactly Like Everyone Else

Most web designers all say the exact same things on their websites. They market themselves by listing the same set of skills that everyone else lists and then they wonder how to stand out from the crowd. Usually, they end up relying almost exclusively on their portfolio to set them apart. So, at the end of the day, most web designers feel stuck when it comes to figuring out how to market their business without sounding exactly like everyone else.

This results in a bevy of bad things:

  • You’re positioned as a garden-variety web designer
  • You’re forced to compete on price
  • You’re attracting random, cheap clients
  • You’re working on small, one-off projects
  • You’re stuck doing work you don’t really like

The solution is to shift your marketing away from simply listing your services. Instead, use your skills and create something your ideal clients want and then talk about that. Give them something to want.

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