3 Steps To Finding Clients With A Budget

Most of the web designers I talk to say that their #1 problem is finding clients. The truth is they can find clients BUT the clients they are finding aren’t coming with a budget. In other words, they feel like everybody’s looking for very inexpensive work. Here’s why this is happening and the three steps you need to take to find clients with a budget.

Are You Really Just Getting Started?

I talk to a bunch of web designers with many years of experience. I literally just got off the phone with someone who had 15 years of experience and was a senior developer. It is not uncommon for me to be talking with someone who has been perfecting their skills for years and years but they present themselves as if they’re just getting started.

Who Are You Attracting?

When you present yourself as if you’re just getting started, who do you think that’s going to attract? Put yourself in your client’s shoes for a minute. If you had a serious budget and were looking for a seasoned consultant to help you build your business. Would you hire someone who was just getting started to help you or would you find an expert who specializes in helping people exactly like you?

On the other hand, what if you were tinkering around with a quick idea you wanted to test. Maybe you have been thinking about spinning up a quick side business just to see if anybody was interested. You don’t have any clients yet. You don’t even know if the business concept is solid yet. Who would you hire to spin up a quick website?

How Much Would You Spend?

We just talked about two very different types of clients.

Type 1: The Serious Client
There is the client who has a serious business and a real budget. They are looking for a seasoned consultant who really knows how to get results.

If you’re the serious client, you’re willing to pay for the genuine help you need.

Type 2: The Dabbler
There is the client who is just fiddling around with an idea for a little side business. They are looking for a cheap way to spin up a quick website.

If you’re the dabbler, you want the cheapest stuff possible.

How Are You Presenting Yourself?

When someone lands on your website, what impression are you giving them? Are you saying the same stuff that someone getting started would say? Or, are you establishing yourself as a seasoned consultant who can help serious clients get amazing results?

If you’re competing against people with less than half of your experience then you’ll never be able to charge the rates you need to be making. Your leads will just think you’re overpriced and that they can “get the same thing for less” (maybe WAY less) from somebody else.

You can’t blame the leads. They’re just trying to do their best sorting through the options. The problem is on you because you’re leaving your most valuable credentials – your experience – on the shelf. You need to leverage your experience to differentiate you from the beginners so your leads and potential clients know who you really are.

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It’s time to break out of the cycle of attracting low-budget leads and getting stuck with frustrating work. Let’s get you out there attracting serious clients who need your help.

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