Landing $30k Worth Of Projects During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been busier than BECAUSE of the Coronavirus lockdown. Let’s talk about how you can find clients right now even though nobody is looking for a new website.

During this session, you’ll discover the ironic secret to landing web design clients right now. I’ll tell you the two different types of businesses that are begging for help. Then I’ll show you a new way to apply your skills to win clients in today’s new economy. It’s going to be awesome! Let’s get started…

Landing $30k Of New Projects While Social Distancing

First, let’s talk about the DoubleStackers and how we’re landing projects right now. As you know, in addition to serving my own clients, I personally mentor a handful of web designers. Over the last month, the DoubleStackers have been having record sales. Every Thursday we get together live to go over proposals together, develop marketing concepts, and talk about onboarding new clients. We start out our meetings celebrating wins together. This past week, for example, DoubleStackers landed almost $30,000 of new business. I don’t know how to say it without sounding weird, but I’m so incredibly proud of them.

How To Win Clients Who Aren’t Looking For Websites

So, how are they able to win clients right now when everybody else stuck or even losing clients? The truth is people need more help now than ever before. Unfortunately, most web designers haven’t discovered how they can help people. Instead, they market themselves by telling their clients what they can do for them. Those are two totally different things. You have to learn how to tell people how you can help them.

The Ironic Secret For Web Designers

The ironic secret to building a successful web design business today is to stop marketing web design services. That does not mean to stop doing web design. It just means stop marketing yourself as a service provider.

For example, if you are perceived as someone who offers web design and online marketing, right now you’re not going to be getting much work. The businesses that would normally hire you are thinking that there is no point in marketing their business right now because everybody is locked down due to the Coronavirus. They are thinking I don’t need anyone to do those services right now. Even worse, your clients may have called and canceled. So, not only are you not getting new clients, even the clients you have are canceling – or at least pausing – their contracts.

On the other hand, if you are seen as someone who can help your clients, then you’re busier than ever.

Two Types Of Businesses That Need Your Help

Over the last few weeks, I’ve found that there are two different types of businesses that are heavily investing in web development and online marketing; migrators and visionaries.

Migrators are those businesses that are taking their traditionally in-person products and services and migrating them online. For example, personal trainers who are introducing online group training programs as opposed to private one-on-one sessions in the gym. Another HUGE example is telemedicine. I’ve been consulting with my brother who just launched to provide the business model and technical toolset to allow functional medicine doctors to serve their patients safely by developing a virtual COVID-19 clinic. I can’t underscore strongly enough the importance of being able to help people migrate their businesses – or at least certain aspects of their businesses – online.

Visionaries are those businesses that know things will open back up eventually and they want to be ready to ramp things up as fast as possible when they get the green light. They are using this downtime as a chance to finally focus on things that are important but kept getting pushed back due to all the urgent day-to-day things going on. Now that those little daily fires are out of the way they can focus on building out a new marketing plan, front-loading their podcasts, and finally getting around to updating their website. These are the business owners who are looking forward into the future and using this time to get prepared.

How Do You Find These Clients?

The key to finding these clients is fundamentally changing the way you think of yourself and how you market your business. If you go out there and ask people if they need a new website… or ask people if they know of anyone who needs a new website you’re not going to make much progress. You have to learn how to tell people how you can help them and then you’ll have more work than you can handle.

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