From Jack of All Trades To High-Ticket Consultant

If you are a “Jack of all trades” person who can do a lot of great stuff, are you successfully monetizing that or do you find that clients just aren’t willing to pay the prices you want/need to charge?

The difference between being a “Jack of all trades” and a high-ticket consultant is huge financially but not that big of a change structurally because it’s a lot easier and faster to fix your marketing than it is to develop a wide array of awesome skills.

I talk to a lot of people who tell me they’ve got a ton of great skills and can really do awesome work for people BUT they are really struggling financially. Their clients are all for short-term, one-off projects – like designing a flyer for $250. Or maybe just a quick update to a website. The clients they attract tend to be people with little to no budget which makes it really hard to upsell them into larger projects. They tend not to be interested in marketing retainers. They just want the one thing that’s on their mind. So, they go to you because you can help a ton of different people with a lot of different things. You’re the Jack of all trades.

So, here’s the path to go from a Jack of all trades to a high-ticket web design consultant. It’s basically a three-step process that breaks down like this:

  1. Get clarity on all the different skills you’ve got in your “Jack of all trades” toolbox.
  2. Develop a marketing story that illuminates the RESULTS you are able to deliver by combining your best skills.
  3. Put a solid structure in place for onboarding new clients based on HOW YOU HELP THEM not just what you do for them.

Once you internalize and implement those three concepts it will dramatically change your financial situation and you’ll finally be able to earn the rates you’re really worth. This works because you are showing the client the VALUE you deliver to them and you POSITION yourself as an elite business consult who knows how to drive the specific outcomes your client needs.

If you feel like you have a bunch of great skills but you haven’t been able to monetize them at the level you want, this session if for you!