Is “Good Customer Service” Actually Hurting Your Clients?

Do you feel like you’re providing more customer service than you can afford to deliver? Maybe you can sustain it for your first couple of clients, but is this scalable? Are you trying to differentiate yourself by offering a higher degree of customer service than your competitors but you still can’t charge the rates you need? These are all things you are going to get clarity on during this workshop session.

The problem is the concept of “good customer service” looks different in different industries. For example, good customers service in a restaurant is not at all the same as good customer service from a digital marketing consultant. So, let’s get some clarity on exactly what good customer service is and how it is different today, especially for WordPress consultants and web designers.

During this workshop session you will discover:

  • What the “old style” of customer service is
  • The difference between the old style of customer service and the new way to genuinely serve your clients.
  • Three major problems with the old approach to serving your clients
  • How to make the shift and authentically serve your clients at a higher level than ever before in today’s new web design and digital marketing economy
  • How to charge 5x to 10x more than your competitors without pricing yourself out of the market.

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