How 6-Figure WordPress Consultants Find Their Clients

Learn To Think Like Your Clients

If you only get one thing from this post, take this with you. The secret to attracting and winning high-ticket web design clients is to offer them what THEY want NOT the individual skills you can provide. Learn to think like your clients.

When you make that change in your thinking it will impact every area of your business.

It will change your pricing because you will start charging enough so you can afford to put the time into generating the impact they need. This lays the foundation of your 6-figure web design business.

Your marketing will change to reflect how you can help rather than highlighting your technical skills.

Business Structure
The structure of your business will change because you won’t have to spend time constantly hunting for clients, you will have consistent, reliable income, and you’ll have a system in place that can sustain the revenue goals of running a 6-figure web design business.

You will spend dramatically more time doing billable work that is fun and rewarding instead of grinding it out at meetups and on social media fighting for whatever low-budget projects you can find just to get you through the month.

Your Reputation
This might be the most important one of all. The way other people view you will change dramatically. You’ll stop being seen as the “web mechanic” who people call to fix stuff when something breaks. Now you will become a sought after consultant who can transform a business. This gives you a new, solid foundation for your business that will serve you for the rest of your career.

Just Having Skills Is Not Enough

I talk to people all day long who have amazing skills and no clients. Simply being great at your job is not enough to run your own successful business.

Having said that, you don’t have to run your own business. If all you want to do is build websites or write code and you’re not interested in direct client interaction, marketing, and business development that’s absolutely fine. But, to be successful you’re going to have to partner up with someone who will focus on business development and finding clients for you. That could be a business partner, but most likely you’ll want to get hired by an agency or work with a recruiter who can find work for you.

Know Your Audience

We’re talking about two very different audiences. One audience is large agencies and recruiters.  The other audience is local business owners. If you want to attract agencies and recruiters then focus on highlighting your technical skills because that is what they are looking for. If you want to attract and win local businesses you have to train yourself to think like they think so you can offer them what they are looking for. This is a much harder process, but if you can do this you will set yourself apart dramatically from the competition. You will command much higher rates for your work. You will have a successful business because this is exactly what is needed in today’s economy.

How To Set Yourself Apart

The wrong way to differentiate yourself is to stalk Facebook groups, blog, focus on SEO for your business, and write content… write content… Google loves content… create more content.

This was more successful in the past and now this is what everybody does. It doesn’t work for two reasons. First, it doesn’t set you apart because this is what everyone is doing. You’re just going to be another person shouting in the echo chamber of old ideas. Second, you’re not thinking like your client, your thinking like a web designer. That means you’re attracting other web designers with your content NOT the business owners you’re actually trying to reach.

If you don’t believe this, just ask yourself right now, “Is my current strategy bearing fruit?”

The Shortest Path To Success

The right way to set yourself apart is also the most simple. Figure out how you can genuinely help someone. Then go and do it. It doesn’t have to be this fancy, shiny presentation. Clients don’t want shiny things. They want a return on their investment. They want results. Learn to think like your clients and couple that with what YOU know how to do. This is the shortest, most efficient path to success.

If you want to build a 6-figure web design business in less than a year, this is how you do it.

What Does This Look Like For You?

This is a brand new way of thinking for most WordPress consultants and web designers. We’ve spent so much time learning our skills and perfecting the technical aspects of our trade that it’s hard to pull back and see the big picture from the client’s perspective.

If this is approach to serving clients sounds like the direction you want to go and you want to get there as fast as possible with a pattern that has been proven to be effective and efficient then let’s talk and see if DoubleStack is the right fit for you.

First, we pack your technical toolbox with the best digital marketing tools and platforms so you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to drive business results for your clients.

Second, we develope a new marketing message specifically for your business that resonates with the exact clients you know you can serve the best. This is one of the most powerful transformations you can make because by changing the way you talk about yourself you immediately change the types of people you attract.

Finally, you end up with a business structure that will enable you to hit your 6-figure income goals without having to hire subcontractors or employees and without constantly hunting for clients.

Your Next Step

So, if you’re serious about building an amazing business for yourself by generating awesome results for your clients and you don’t want to burn out or lose your integrity in the process, let’s get on the phone.

During this free 45-minute call you’ll get clarity on:

  • How to transform past projects into long-term recurring revenue clients.
  • What you need to change on your own website to start attracting the clients you really want to be working with at the prices you’re actually worth.
  • How you should be pricing your work so you can get away from project-based pricing and hourly billing and start getting into value-based pricing.

We’ll cover all of that during our call. Then if you want to talk about working together to implement these things into your business we can talk about that. If not, that’s totally fine too. Either way, you owe it to yourself and your clients to shift your thinking so that you’re both on the same page. When you do that, everybody wins because you’re doing your best work and your clients are getting the best results.

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