How Long Does It Take To Build A 6-Figure WordPress Business?

How long does it take to build a 6-figure WordPress business and how can you get there as fast as possible?

We’re going to answer those questions by exposing the REAL problem holding people back so that we can get at the truth of the honest answer on how to win clients at the prices you’d like to charge. Here’s the outline for today:

  • 3 major problems WP consultants have winning clients
  • 5 reasons why these are the biggest problems
  • 5 reasons most people stay stuck
  • How to get results as fast as possible

Hold on! Here we go…

The single biggest factor that divides the 6-figure WordPress consultants from the ones who are struggling to get by all comes down to one thing. Most people think that “one thing” is knowledge and experience. But I talk to people all the time who have plenty of knowledge and years of experience yet they still are not growing the business they want. The real thing holding most WordPress consultants back is this… Who controls the client relationship?

In today’s session, we take a deep dive into why controlling the client relationship is the #1 factor that determines the long-term success of your business. To do that, we’ll address the three major problems that come from NOT being in control of the client relationship and the five reasons why this is a foundational roadblock when it comes to building a 6-figure WordPress business.

We’re also going to be diving into five reasons most people stay stuck by applying solutions that do not address the core problem. Instead, they waste time, money, and energy fixing the wrong issues. So they burn out and never get the results and success they need.

Keep watching and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money by avoiding online courses that won’t solve your problem and how to identify the right people who can legitimately help you build a business that will provide the finances and the lifestyle you want.

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