How To Identify High-Paying Clients Even If They Don’t Seem Interested

All potential clients fall into one of these two categories. Are they curious or are they committed? The problem is that it’s not always obvious which category you are dealing with because the characteristics can be misleading. For example, you might be talking to a high-energy prospect and you could easily confuse their energy for commitment. In the same way, you could approach prospects that may initially seem disengaged or uninterested, but they are actually the ones that need your help the most.

The key to your business is finding the right clients at the right prices. Your success in landing the right clients depends on your ability to perceive who is just kicking the tires and who is seriously committed.

We are going to talk about three surprising traits you often find in great clients and three temptations to avoid so you steer clear of dead-end, low-paying projects.

After this session, you will know how to win the high-paying clients that everyone else is passing on and you will be avoiding the toxic clients everyone is fighting for.