How To Show Your Value

The key to getting your client to see your value is to set the right first impression. That means guiding their thinking with the questions you ask so that they understand that you are helping them solve deeper, more valuable problems – not just “selling websites.”

Garden-Variety Discovery Calls

For us as web designers, it’s really easy to start asking about color palettes and features with questions like:

  • Who is your primary audience?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are some other sites you like?
  • Do you plan on blogging?
  • Do you need ecommerce?

Shifting The Focus

Questions like these tend to lead to low-budget projects because they guide the client into thinking that they are buying a website. I’m much more interested in learning what they want to see in their business rather than what they want to see on their website.

Too Much Time On Proposals

Another frustrating problem web designers fight is spending tons of time writing proposals before the client has committed to the project.

Not only does this take a lot of time, but you also end up giving away your strategy for free.

Leaving Most Of The Money On The Table

Web designers accidentally leave a ton of money on the table with this pattern:

  • Do a bunch of research for free
  • Present your strategy for free
  • See if the client likes your approach
  • If they like it, get paid to implement the strategy

That means if you get paid at all you only get paid for the least valuable part.

Even if the client likes the strategy if they think the price is too high, they’ll take all the research and ideas you just gave them for free and hire someone else to implement them for less. Queue the head exploding frustration.

Get Paid For Research and Strategy

A better – and much more profitable – approach is to:

  • Qualify the client upfront
  • Get the client to commit BEFORE working on the proposal
  • Charge for your research and strategy

At the root level, this is the defining difference between struggling web designers and the ones who are running 6-figure businesses.

The Top Web Designers Discovered Two Things

  1. How to serve their clients by solving deeper, more valuable problems
  2. How to stop doing all the free work

Showing Your Value

It all starts with making the right first impression with your clients, establishing boundaries, and setting expectations.

Ultimately, when a client hires you they are literally hiring YOU.

So, if you want to change your value you have to change who people think you are.

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