How To Stop Losing Clients To Wix

If you find yourself talking to your clients about why working with you is better than them hiring a less expensive developer or even building their own website, this video is a must see.

The problem with losing clients to free website builders like Wix is not just that you’re losing a client, but there are people out there who really need to know about your client’s business. If your client decides to get a soggy, do-nothing, website they are hurting themselves AND their clients. It’s a triple losing situation. That’s why it is so important to know how to clearly draw the line between what you offer and what your client would be getting if they decide to go with a low-budget, or free, website.

Please forgive me for getting a little emotional towards the end of this video.

This is a really big deal to me and I’m very passionate about it, because we (and probably you too) work with clients who can literally save people’s lives. The difference between them going with a free (or cheap) website and working with someone who can really help them reach their customers is the difference between their customers staying stuck in their suffering and their customers getting the help they need to get their lives back.


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