How Should Web Designers Adapt So They Don’t Get Left Behind?

Everybody knows web designers need to adapt to today’s new economy. But, what does that look like for you?

Today, we’re going to look at three things that are going to have to change.

Your Business Model

First, web designers are going to have to modify their overall business model. Right now, the knee-jerk reaction is to slash prices, waive fees, and offer free work. While that clearly shows your heart is in the right place and you want to help people, the truth is that’s not actually helping anyone. It’s not helping you and it’s not helping your clients either.

Your Client’s Mindset

Second, your clients are going to have to adapt. So, we’re going to talk about what your clients are thinking right now and how you can help them develop a new path to success. To do that, however, you have to understand their current mindset.

Your Offers

Third, you have to adapt your offers. In other words, you have to change what you are offering to do for your clients. The web designers who are still out there asking clients if they want to redesign or update their website aren’t going to make it. It takes more than just technical services to fix the problems you’re clients are facing right now. It’s going to take your leadership. That means you have to modify your offers to focus on business development which will illuminate the path to success for your clients. Then, you also have the technical skills to implement that path.

This is a really powerful session because of the impact you’ll be able to make for your clients and also for yourself and your business.

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