I Fired A Client

When you have a relationship with your client – the cool thing about the relationship is that they know a ton of stuff that you don’t know. And also, you know tons of stuff that they’ve never heard of. When you put those two things together, that’s where the value is. That’s what is so exciting. When you combine your expertise with your client’s skillset, you have something bigger than just the sum of the parts. That’s the essence of high-value relationships.

Most of the time, that’s how things work out and it’s a thrilling experience. Sometimes, however, things can get sour. So, how do you detect when a client relationship is going to go bad in time to save everyone from the damage? That’s what we talked about today in our Facebook group

But we also covered a lot of other cool stuff too like:

• Fundamental trust and respect
• Connecting emotionally with your clients
• The overlooked (easy) way to grow your email list
• The “better than business cards” concept
• The truth about where value comes from

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