From $50k to $175k In Less Than A Year

When I started working with Dave he said his business was defined by struggling. He struggled with:

  • Finding clients with a reasonable budget
  • Knowing what services to provide
  • Knowing how to package and price his work
  • Time management and constantly feeling the “grind”
  • Not knowing how to keep his business going

The interesting part to me was that he had really good skills. In other words, he had all the components he needed for success, he just didn’t have them in the right order. His business was stuck in the old-school “traditional” web design business model where you sell the client a website and then attempt to generate recurring revenue by upgrading them to a hosting and maintenance plan.

Maintenance Plans Aren’t Enough

Dave’s hosting and maintenance package was $50/month. He did the math, and just to get to $5,000/month of recurring revenue, he needed 100 clients!

$5,000 per month is only $60,000 per year. To get there in one year would mean completing two web design projects per week. That means finding the client, landing the client, building the website, upgrading them to the hosting and maintenance plan and billing for all of that twice per week! That’s insane.

Dave Tripled His Revenue In Less Than A Year

Instead of that path, he took the DoubleStack path and added over $125,000 of recurring revenue to his business in less than a year. This is just the beginning. He’s currently working on an opportunity that could be worth over $50,000 PER MONTH! (The details are in the video above)

Dave’s pivot started with The Authority Framework. The Authority Framework demonstrates the new approach to high-ticket web design. While the old-school approach is founded in implementation, The Authority Framework is based on leadership and results. Once you make this shift, it unlocks your future.