Selling Websites To Local Businesses

Most of the advice I’ve seen about selling websites to local businesses suggests that it’s best to find businesses that don’t already have a website.

Then they show you how to do something like this…

Step 1: Search Google for a local business category

Go to Google and search for something like “accountants near me”

Step 2: Click “more businesses” to access the business directory

Step 3: Look for businesses without a website

Some businesses have a website icon in their listing and other’s don’t. That makes it easy to call businesses that don’t have websites. The phone number is right there.

Small Budgets With Low Margins

The problem with this is that you end up reaching people who don’t value websites very much or who don’t have the budget for a meaningful online marketing package.

Even if you do reach a business that wants to hire you, it’s almost always for a low-ticket, one-and-done, little project. In my experience, this has resulted in low-margin work.

How I Sell Websites To Local Businesses

With 20 years of experience working with local businesses, I’ve found that you land much more fulfilling work with less stressful clients if you work with more established businesses.

You are trading one problem for another. On one hand, you’re getting in front of clients that have much larger marketing budgets. But on the other hand, they almost always already have a website.

In the video (and podcast below), I go over who I’ve had success offering website overhauls (or site redesigns) to local businesses even if they already have websites.

Niche Mastery

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