How To Make Web Design 5x More Valuable

Web design is getting cheaper every day. In my opinion, we’ve pretty much hit the bottom. You can hire a “fully vetted” WordPress developer for about $20/hour from RipplePop. I’m imagining no more than $15/hour is actually going to the developer; probably less.

Not surprisingly, businesses aren’t getting results from these low-budget service providers. Herein lies an extraordinary opportunity. Here’s how you can make 5x more revenue without working more hours, without learning anything new, and without losing your integrity.

How To Sell $5.00 of Apples For $25.00

Anybody can go to the store and buy an apple for about $0.62. It’s a commodity. You can get about 8 apples for $5.00. What happens if you increase the price?

Well, you might be able to increase the price a little bit by providing better packaging (gift baskets) or a more premium experience like home delivery. But there’s a limit because at the end of the day you’re still selling apples. There’s only so much people will pay for an apple.

Today, the same is true with websites. You can charge a little more by offering better packaging (better design) or a more premium experience (awesome customer support). You might be able to get your price up from $1,500 to $2,000 this way. But you can’t charge $10,000 for a $2,000 website. There’s a limit to what people think a website should cost.

Nobody is going to pay $3.00 for a $0.62 apple. Nobody is going to pay $10,000 for a $2,000 website.

Make An Apple Pie

If you want to sell $5.00 worth of apples for $25.00 (5x the cost of the apples) make an apple pie.

Why is an apple pie worth 5x the cost of the apples?

Two reasons:

  • Convenience
  • Results

Buying an apple pie saves you several hours shopping, preparing, baking, and cleaning up. It’s ready to go right now.

Plus, it’s probably a lot better than what yours would taste (and look) like anyway.

What Just Happened Here?

We took $5.00 worth of apples. Added a few extra quick ingredients. Then we applied your professional skills/experience and the price went up 500%.

Where Web Designers Go Wrong

The temptation for a lot of web designers is to keep the price low by changing the outcome and removing the convenience.

For example, teaching the client how to manage (or build) their own website. That removes both the convenience and the outcome in one fell swoop, right? It won’t look as good as if you did it. They won’t get the leads (business results) that you could get them. But, hey, the price is still “affordable.”

This would be like selling the recipe instead of the apple pie. How much does an apple pie recipe cost? It’s free.

By removing the convenience and the result you’ve made your skills virtually worthless.

500% Price Increase vs. Becoming Worthless

Take your skillset (web design, graphic design, SEO, social media management, email marketing, funnels, etc.) and package them together into a solution that provides your client with convenience and results and you’ll be able to charge 5x more for the skills you’ve already got without learning anything new.

Of course, it’s always great to be learning new things so you stay at the top of your game. But the point is, you can take what you’ve already got and charge 5x more and it’s worth it because you’re offering convenience and results while everyone else is degrading their skills to the point of being worthless.

The Challenge

This all comes back to Solution First Marketing. The apple pie is the solution and you have that first – before you market to clients. You don’t sell apple pies by marketing apples. If I just want a quick apple for a snack, I’m not buying an apple pie no matter the price, right?

Taking this concept and applying it to web design ultimately requires you to take the next step in the evolution of web design so you become relevant again in today’s new economy.

I’ll be the first to admit that this is hard. Rarely is it the kind of thing that just falls in your lap. If it was easy, everyone would already be doing it. It’s hard but that’s also why it is so valuable – both to you and your clients.

This is quite literally the main reason we put together the DoubleStack 8-week mentoring program so I can personally collaborate with you to create that Solution First concept tailored specifically to your skills and interests. Once you make this shift, you’ll have what it takes to start landing Five Figure Clients!

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