Me, Myself, and You – Success Hinges On Answering WHO?

In this free training session, we go over three different business structures and strategies commonly used by WordPress freelancers. We’ll talk about:

  • How good intentions can lead to bad results
  • Why it’s better for you AND your client if you charge (much) more for your work

If you want to offer a high-value service, what you’re focussing on makes all the difference. The problem is many people think they are focussing on their client and trying to deliver what the client wants. The truth, however, is most people are actually self-motivated even if they don’t realize it.

In this training session, we’re talking about three different perspectives on the business structure and strategy for your WordPress freelancing business. I think the second one will surprise you.

The Authority Framework

Discover the counterintuitive strategies I’ve developed over the last 20 years for landing serious, growth-oriented web design clients.

This is a modern approach to solving the most frustrating problems of running your own web design business.