How Valerie Just Doubled Her Web Design Business

Valerie has made some very effective changes that have enabled her to more than double her web design business in about eight months.

When Valerie and I started working together she already had about eight clients on retainer and was working as their technical/web design resource. The problem was, she was under enormous stress because she didn’t feel like she was offering her clients the business solutions that they really needed.

She shifted her mindset, started offering some additional online marketing services in addition to her web design, and less than eight months later she has more than doubled her business.

Join me for this awesome and inspirational conversation with Valerie as she shares her insights into how you can double your business really quickly.

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation.

Realizing What She Needed To Change

“My clients were getting more and more frustrated with me and I wasn’t feeling as good about the services I was offering them… I was building them websites when what they really needed were websites plus all these other [marketing tools/solutions] that I didn’t offer. For a long time, I would tell them I only do the [tech] stack. I don’t do the other stuff. Find somebody else who does because that’s what you need to take your business forward and make it grow. I watched my clients crash and burn because I left them to figure it out.”

“If I tell them to figure it out, they’re either going to try to do everything on their own or they’ll try to hire somebody but they don’t really know what they are looking for and what they actually need. I both cases, I wasn’t serving my clients. My business model was limited and was getting worse as time went on.”

Reflecting On The Results She’s Gotten From DoubleStack

It’s been all the difference for me. I was super stressed out because I wasn’t meeting my clients’ needs or serving them. I love that about what you taught. How to serve them. My business now has helped me so much in my quality of life. I’m happier. I’ve been able to take the stress out of the client relationships.

Now, fast-forward eight months. Now I am so confident in what I offer them. I feel good about it and know that I’m meeting their business level needs. It’s totally changed how I feel about my own business. I feel good knowing that I’m actually serving them.

Talking About Doubling Her Revenue

Yeah, [my revenue] has gone way up. To the point that my husband (who does my taxes) was like, “You’re in a whole different tax bracket now.” So I was like I have to charge more because I have to pay so much more in taxes 🙂

Valerie’s Advice To People Who Want To Do What She’s Doing

Number one, invest in yourself, and believe in yourself. I haven’t always had the self-confidence to believe in myself – especially to pay money to invest in myself. What I would tell somebody in my place is just pay the money and get the coaching. Believe in yourself. You can grow and improve and you don’t have to do it by yourself. In fact, that would be the dumb way to do it. The smart way to do it is to hire Lee.

That was a really big step to take. If I paid for a coach… I don’t know anybody who has done that before. That was a new concept for me. It took a leap of faith for me to just say, “OK I’m putting money down that I can learn and grow and improve my business. And that I can grow by having a coach who is going to help me.”

It has been absolutely worth it. It’s totally changed my business. And I have so much more confidence now. I know I sound like a stupid ad, but I’m really telling you the truth of how it has been for me.

I needed to learn these concepts and this was the best way – the fastest way – the easiest way – because it’s one-on-one. I needed somebody who could help me with my current clients. My specific clients. My specific needs that I had. I couldn’t just take some boiler-plate content and figure out some of this stuff. Personalized coaching was really key.

That money that I paid Lee, I earned that back in full while I was still in the coaching. My coaching hadn’t even finished before I had invoiced that much money. You’ll get it back if you believe in yourself.

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