My #1 Recommendation For Web Designers

Over the last 18 years in web design, I have recognized that there is one shift that will open the door to a vastly more successful business for you and dramatically better results for your clients.

The shift is to get your clients to hire you for your vision, not just your technical skills.

Once you make that shift, all the other problems that tend to plague garden-variety web designers disappear.

When clients hire you for your vision…

  • Scope creep goes away because YOU provide the scope
  • You can charge 10X more than everyone else because your selling results (not services)
  • You generate recurring revenue because your clients work with you forever
  • You break away from the low-budget, frantic competition because you’re not selling what they sell anymore
  • You don’t have to constantly hunt for leads all the time because you keep the clients you already have

I could go on, but I think you get the point. There are a bunch of details that pertain to how to make this shift, but if you’re serious about actually helping your clients and you want to build an awesome business for yourself in the process, this shift is my #1 recommendation.

Making this shift doesn’t cost you anything and you have everything to gain. I’ll even go a step further… if you do NOT make this shift your business is going to dry up. Wix, Squarespace, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. are going to eat your lunch.

It may be a slow and exhausting death as you fight to stay afloat. You will notice that your leads are going to have lower and lower price expectations. You will never reach a 6-figure income if you stay stuck in the crowd where everyone is in the price race to the bottom.

If you want help finding higher-paying clients for your business, schedule a call and let’s talk.

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