Over $20,000 In Under 20 Days!

In less than 20 days Robyn and Nathan landed over $20,000 worth of new business. Since then they’ve continued to land high-ticket clients including one immediately before we started recording this conversation! Join in and hear how they did it!

Watch the video above or catch a summarized version below.

The following is a summary of what Robyn and Nathan had to say about how they took their business to the next level and how they are now winning five-figure clients.

We Started By Relabeling Ourselves

The first thing we did was reposition our business. I used to say I was a graphic and web designer and that put me in a little box. Now, when people ask me, “What do you do?” I say we’re marketing consultants because we provide a wide variety of services. We really like working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our clients are awesome. We work with some non-profits and businesses that have a cause.

Changing The Type Of Clients We Work With

When we started we saw ourselves as professional amateurs. We had skills to offer. We had services that were valuable but we weren’t sure how to communicate that to our clients. We would reach out to people starting a new business. Or maybe they had a business for a while but they didn’t really know what they were doing with their marketing.

This worked OK for several years. We’ve always been busy and we were doing fine – but “fine” wasn’t good enough. We wanted to push beyond this cap we hit. We knew that even though we were OK we needed to be able to push beyond.

It was really an answer to prayer. Just a week before we learned about DoubleStack Robyn and I were talking. We weren’t doing anything wrong but we needed to be doing it better. I know what I’m doing but people are not listening to me.

DoubleStack really helped our proposals and the way we were presenting them. We needed a more effective way and we needed to be more confident. I actually started to turn a few people away because it wouldn’t be a good fit. I like to help people and we want to see businesses succeed. DoubleStack helped us fill in the gaps to provide better services.

At First, We Didn’t Know If DoubleStack Was For Us

We have three kids and we were doing OK. But we also knew we needed to do something different. Something better. To kick things into overdrive. And it turned out to be well worth it. In 20 days we had made over $20,000. So, yeah. It was more than worth it!

One thing that was said during our initial conversation was that even though we were doing OK we wanted to do business like it was on purpose. We didn’t want to stumble into success.

Being honest with ourselves, we didn’t know how we got to this point. We were doing everything right but it was just guided along ethical lines. Be honest. Treat people fairly. Do to other business owners what we would want them to do to us. That had kept us afloat and we weren’t really struggling. But, to go to that next level we were missing the blueprint. We weren’t able to take that extra step.

The Results Were Almost Overnight

DoubleStack provides a lot of good information, but the application is where you succeed or fail. You have to know how to put it all together. A blueprint will make or break any project. What you provided was something that we could immediately apply to our business. The results were almost overnight.

Concepts You Can Immediately Apply

I love how you organize the membership area. The way you laid it out I was able to immediately apply them and then go back and dig deeper.

I really like that because we’ve invested in stuff before but it was like I had to block out 6-months of my life to learn everything before I could even use it. But with DoubleStack you could immediately apply it. I didn’t have to pause my business in order to improve my business.

Shifting To A Leadership Mindset

I felt like I was in one of those teenage movies back in the 90s with the goofy girl and the glasses and then she finds out how awesome she is. ?

Our clients are seeing better results and that keeps us motivated. We really wanted to be able to make a difference.

It’s Changed Our Lives And People Around Us

Because of the revenue we’ve brought in, we’re now able to contribute to our community, to our church, and to people who need help. It’s improved our lives and it’s also and it has also helped a lot of people around us.

[Then I almost cried… but I kept it together… mostly.]

I don’t mind sharing that we have a son who has significant special needs. We really wanted to be able to do more for him. Because we were able to pay off debt that we were going into because we were trying to help our son, now we’re in the process of buying a home. We’ve been renting for years but there are some special things you can’t do in a rental that would really help him.

Now we’re going to be able to buy a house. That will really help him and we’re going to be able to provide a better life for all of our kids. It’s really cool.

Web Design Is Not Sustainable Anymore

We knew we needed to do something – and I think a lot of people know they need to do something. Let’s face it, just doing web design is not sustainable anymore. There are too many alternatives out there, there’s too much competition between all the builders… people need more than that.

Were we a little worried? Yeah, we were. But we knew in our gut that DoubleStack was the right choice and we’re really happy we did it.

Don’t Miss Out

Just do it. If you don’t you’re going to miss out. The people in your community, your family… they are going to be missing out too.

If you feel like you’re stuck. If you feel like you are not able to fully service your clients and have them listen to you, DoubleStack is it.

How do you get paid what you want to be paid and deliver something that’s worth it? If you overcharge you lose the client. If you undercharge you go hungry (and get resentful). How do you do that? DoubleStack definitely provided the knowledge and information, but in order to take that first step, you have to understand that the secret sauce is you.

We’re Doing This Together

A huge value was being able to randomly have a problem and email you and be like, “Help! Please look at this. I don’t feel confident enough to send this proposal.”  And you were like, “Hey, here are these ideas…” I was looking at Nathan and I was like why did we not think of these? That contributed to the shift in mindset. Seeing your response and the different ideas you had was so helpful.

Start Winning High-Value Clients

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The call is totally free. You’ll get a clear roadmap for what you need to do next. Then if you want my help implementing the things we talked about we can talk about that too. If you want to be a DoubleStacker and it’s a good fit for both of us, awesome. If not and you’d rather do things on your own, that’s totally fine too.

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