Running Awesome Client Meetings

You landed a great new project and you’re beaming! You pour everything you’ve got into just crushing this site for your client. You love what you’ve created and it turned out even better than you were expecting. Now it’s time to review the site with your client. You can barely wait because you know they are going to just love what you’ve done. You’re pumped up to see the excited look on their face when you reveal your masterpiece.

You open up your laptop at the meeting table and look with wide eyes into the face of your client. But rather than the instant joy you were expecting, you see the pinched eyebrows of dissatisfaction… and the questions begin. Why didn’t you make this font bigger? Can you move this image over there? Can we put this on its own page? Let’s change this menu item to say something else.

Wait… what? What went wrong? Why are they doing this?

With every question, you’re adding up all the extra time it’s going to take to make all these changes. You’re thinking, “OK, that will be 15 minutes… There’s another 30 minutes… It’s going to take an hour to do that. I guess that awesome feature I spent hours on was just a waste of time. I can’t believe they don’t like that! How did this get so out of hand so fast?!”

To make it even worse, what if you go back and make all these changes and they do this again at your next meeting? How can you get this project back on track???

So, you leave the meeting beat up and wondering how your client can be so blind. How can they not see that the stuff they want to change is actually going to make the site WORSE?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, check out this video. We talk about how to wake up from this nightmare and start delivering dream websites that dazzle your clients. This is how you run awesome, powerful client meetings that are immune to nit-picking.